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Ombre20131003Year-old spa lists season’s hottest nail trends
Polished nails are the new beauty craze around the world today. With nail spas sprouting all over the metro; and “nail of the day” (#notd) photos endlessly posted on Instagram—there is certainly proof that pampered nails are no longer enough for the fashionista. They must have trendy nails as well.

To look deeper into this beauty phenomenon The Manila Times visited St. Nails, a spa specializing in classic manicures and pedicures, as well as other supplemental services like hand and foot scrubs, detoxification and paraffin treatments. Opened in September 2012, the hub has seen a steady increase in clientele, which include mothers with their little daughters, best friends, and even couples.


Carol Chua of St. Nails Spa

According to Carol Chua, St. Nails manager, “a lifestyle change” is the main reason why women—and men—are beginning to frequent nail spas today.

“The owners of St. Nails are franchisees of a massage spa. Having been in the business for some time, they found that people nowadays are more conscious of their lifestyle. So to compliment and complete their health and wellness experience, they opened a nail spa just beside the massage spa,” she explained.

Both spas are located at the Petron gas station complex just outside Dasmariñas Village in Makati City, and along the Edsa.

Chua further said, “Filipinos now are very conscious of what they eat, how they look like, and what they wear. Since most of these people do not have time to take care of themselves, they go to salons and spas to relax and be pampered and at the same time bond with friends and family. It’s kind of a reward they give themselves after a stressful week.”


Stud ‘em out!

Thus explains the barrage of beauty and wellness hubs—nail spas included—opening not just in Metro Manila but also outside the capital.

Taking the opportunity to talk about her brand, Chua said that what sets St. Nails apart from other nail spas is because they offer “halo-ed experience through the senses.”

“For the sense of sight, we’ve set an ambiance and mood lighting; for hearing we have relaxing music; for touch, we give herbal pillows; for taste, there are choices of herbal teas; and finally for the sense of smell, we infuse the scent of bamboo all over the spa.”


Where nail art begins

Vital in St’ Nails’ holistic approach is the professional services given by the trained nail technicians. They also take pride in the spa’s cleanliness, and a strict sanitation procedure for their equipment.

Besides the pampering, they also offer customers the all-important trendy and fashionable nail styles. As promised, St. Nails listed today’s Top 5 must-try trends.

5. Classic. According to Chua, red polish remains to be the most favorite and trusted color of women who want to play it safe with their nails. Easy yet classic, red nails will definitely take you places from special occasions to fun night outs with girlfriends.

Tip: Orly Gel FX Monroe Red. Though plain, the gel technology gives durable, polished nails that last for a month or more if you’re really careful.

4. Textured. Be playful with your nails by adding some texture. At St. Nails, two nail trends from the UK are offered—the faux caviar and velvet. Have your nails polished and dipped in a jar of caviar or velvet for beautiful, embellished hands.

Tip: To highlight the caviar or velvet, match the color to the base nail color

3. Matte. Glossy nails are out as matte finish is getting more and more popular today, especially this Fall/Winter season. And the good thing is it’s quick and simple to achieve—just use a matte topcoat polish over any color you like and presto!

Tip: Matte finish is best applied on earthy, metallic shades

2. Studded. With stars, diamonds, moons, flowers and circles! These are just some of the adorable beads that you can have embedded on your nail polish. You can choose an array of colors and patterns to suit your creativity.

Tip: Apply layers upon layers of topcoat to make sure the beads won’t fall off easily.

1. Ombré. From the hair to the nails, ombré is definitely the hottest nail trend today! The effect gives two shades of polish to your nails, with the lighter one applied near the base, and the brighter shade at the tip. Think of it as the modern and fun twist to French tips.

Tip: A nude nail polish with golden, glittered ombré is a top pick!


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