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Teen heartthrob Elmo Magalona shares tips on how guys can become the perfect prom date

Teen heartthrob Elmo Magalona shares tips on how guys can become the perfect prom date

For many teenagers, the high school prom also means their very first date. Lucky for them the “date” is legit since proms are official school events, which means: 1) Their parents have no choice but to let them go; and 2) They will even have to fork out for the suit or the gown, as the case may be, as well as pocket money for afters!

As such, The Manila Times’ advice to jittery parents of 2014’s batch of high schoolers, raring to go to prom night, is this: Do not resist; it’s a lost cause. Instead, turn the inevitable “my-little-one-grew-up-too-fast blow” into a memorable bonding experience with your son or daughter.

How to do so follows from hereon with a fun and helpful checklist, as detailed by the young and stylish set of Laureen Uy, Elmo Magalona, Ana Victorino and Marla Miniano, for Pond’s “#Prom–Perfect” promotion.

Start with an amazing dress. “It Girl” and stylist Lau–reen Uy’s most important advice is to get a dress that will flatter one’s shape and skin tone. It needn’t be too flashy but one that is age appropriate and able to highlight one’s best features.

“The first step is to understand your body type and then dress to accentuate your assets,” she says.

For specifics, Uy enumerates: “If you’re petite, avoid billowy gowns and wear a short dress to make you look taller. If you’re the athletic type, try a dress that cinches your waist to create an illusion of curves. For hour-glass figures, wear a fitted dress and be confident about your curves. And finally, for the pear-shaped, draw attention upwards by wearing a fitted bust and flared bottom.”

As for the best fashion accessory, the stylista declares: “Clear and beautiful skin that makes for every girl’s confidence booster!”

Prep your skin. Makeup artist and beauty blogger Ana Victorino echoes Uy’s take on the best prom accessory, and provides this step-by-step guide on prepping skin, for boys and girls alike.

“At least a month before prom,” she begins, “start a skin care regimen using Pond’s Acne Clear White 10-in-1 Facial Wash to cleanse, Pond’s White Beauty Toner to remove deep seated dirt, and Pond’s White Beauty Cream to moisturize.”

Victorino guarantees that this is the perfect mix of potions to magically rid the skin of hormone-induced woes such as pimples and blackheads.

“Girls should remember that great makeup begins with great skin,” she adds.

Meanwhile, she reminds that one’s makeup peg should match one’s dress theme, be it sweet, romantic or glam. More importantly, she says that makeup should be used to enhance one’s features rather than change them.

“If you’re chinita, line your upper lid to open up your eyes. If you’re morena, go for bronzer and deeper hues. And if you’re mestiza, experiment with bold colors that will pop against pale skin,” Victorino detailed.

Etiquette 101. Teen magazine Candy’s editor-in-chief and author of Every Girl’s Guide series Marla Miniano shares her checklist of reminders from dinner table etiquette and proper social skills that will help first-timers to prom enjoy the evening from start to finish.

“You’re in formal wear so you have to be extra careful about posture,” she begins. “Keep your back straight, tummy in, chin up, and smile to show you’re enjoy- ing yourself.”

At the dinner table, Miniano applies the golden rule of “outside going in” in dealing with multiple cutlery. “Don’t panic when you see forks and knives in front of you, and just work your way in as every course is served. And remember, close your mouth when you chew!”

Other major rules are to always introduce your date to parents and friends properly; be prompt when picking up your date, and when getting picked up; and to never keep your date waiting too long when the girls touch up in the bathroom, or when the guys have that quick high five huddle.

And finally—and specifically for the boys—showbiz heart–throb Elmo Magalona advises guys to be a great conversationalist throughout the night.

“If you can’t think of anything to say, here are a few of things you can talk about: school, hobbies, interests, even college plans,” he relates.

For more #PromPerfect tips, log on to Pond’s Philippines Facebook page or visit Pond’s Philippines official Youtube channel.The brand’s current promotion runs until March 31 with details via PromPerfect.ponds.com.ph for prizes for students and schools.



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