Promotion goes a long way, but do it right…


■ First, believe in yourself and your talent. If you don’t, who else will?

■ I’ve also gone through the “starving artist” phase – 1976 to 1986 – to be able to reach where I am now. But I worked hard at making myself known. I even did my own press releases.

■ I had to learn how press people in this country work. Tere Orendain (former Philippine Daily Express), Ethel Timbol (Bulletin Today), Millet Mananquil (Philippine Daily Star), Thelma San Juan (Philippine Daily Inquirer) – I got to know them all and become their friend.

■ You have to give different stories and pictures to different editors so it’s not the same thing you’re giving out.

■ My PR skills got to be quite good that once Dean Jose Joya even asked me to share with him the name of my PR. I told him: I’m my own PR! By the way, Dean Joya also had great PR and he knew how to dance too!


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