• No proof Binay owns ‘hacienda’


    DAR chief: Documents show Sunchamp is property’s owner

    AGRARIAN Reform Secretary Virgilio delos Reyes said none of the documents that have surfaced so far proves that Vice President Jejomar Binay owns the controversial Batangas property —the subject of an investigation by the Senate blue ribbon committee.

    Delos Reyes, in an interview aired over ABS-CBN’s Bandila, said his agency has not come across any document that would show that Binay owns the property that was developed by the Sunchamp Real Estate Development Corp.

    “Sa mga papeles natin ngayon ay wala dahil ang Sunchamp ang nagsasabi na kanila ang property [From the documents that we have right now, there’s none, because it’s Sunchamp who’s claiming ownership of it],” the Agrarian Reform chief replied when asked if he thought that the property located in Rosario town was owned by Binay.

    He, however, said  Sunchamp only had clearance to buy two parcels of land with a total area of 2.8 hectares. Sunchamp owner Antonio Tiu had said he bought the 150 hectare-property. Former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado had claimed that Tiu was a dummy of Binay.

    The businessman had said he acquired the property from Laureano Gregorio Jr. But when summoned by a Senate blue ribbon sub-committee headed by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, Tiu told senators that he only acquired the usufruct rights over the land.

    Delos Reyes said the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) continues to investigate the sale of the Batangas estate because a big part of it was covered by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) while other areas were covered by Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOA).

    The DAR chief added that based on documents obtained from the Registry of Deeds in Batangas, only 4.8 hectares were transferred to Sunchamp. He said if the department discover that the parcels of land covered by CARP were sold without clearance from DAR, the government will take back the land from farmer beneficiaries.

    Under the law, farmers can only sell the land they acquire under the government’s land reform program if they get clearance from the Agrarian Reform department.

    When he testified before the blue ribbon sub-committee on October 30, delos Reyes said their investigation aims to determine if agrarian reform laws were violated when the Batangas estate was acquired by Sunchamp.

    He told the Senate panel that during the inauguration of the Sunchamp Agri-Tourism Park in August this year, he already told Tiu to prepare documents to prove his ownership of the estate.

    “We are going to evaluate that and take the appropriate action. How did you get this land? It was so big. I said you better fix the papers because in time my monitoring team will take a look at this,” the DAR chief also told the committee.

    In his Senate testimony, Tiu maintained that he,  not Binay, owns the Batangas estate. He presented a one-page Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between him and Gregorio. Under the agreement, which was signed on January 18, 2013, Tiu’s Sunchamp Real Estate Development Corp. has usufructuary rights over the land.

    The MOA also stated that Gregorio agreed to sell the property for P400 million and shall cause the registration of the improvements in the name of Sunchamp.

    “Mr. Gregorio shall deliver to Sunchamp all documents and titles evidencing the real and enforceable rights of Sunchamp over the property,” it read.

    Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, however, insisted that the document is not binding since it was not notarized.

    The Senate  blue ribbon committee suspended its investigation of allegations against Binay in November to give way to budget deliberations.


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    1. Believe talaga ako sa corruption style natin. The way this ownership is being hidden and questionable like using dummies, doctored documents without notoriety, all this loops and turns and deceiving makes Filipinos very creative in corruption and these crooks gets better every time, and hard to investigate. I think we are now the geniuses in graft and corruption in the planet. lol. If one needs to know the art of corruption go and live in the Philippines and you leave with a doctorate degree in corruption..lol

      • Lahat naman ng magagaling at marunong na magnanakaw ay hindi nagiiwan ng bakas para sila mahuli. Hindi naman BOBO at MANGMANG si VP Binay di gaya ni Erap na pumirma mismo sa harap ng taga Equitable Bank officer na Mr. Velerde sa Malacanang. Pareho sila Erap, Binay at Pnoy mga Areneow, pero ako ay naniniwala, mas matalino sa kanila tatlo ang taga UP na si Ferdie na bar topnotcher. Di ba Bayan?

    2. What the government needs to do is to take back the land sequester al the property as what the government is doing in the past if they found the binays guilty.. and those corrupt binays in jail… forever.. lord have no mercy on them… and all the corrupt ofdicials in general..


      If tne Binays do not own the 350 hectare land in Batangas, how come his children invite their friends there, saying “Punta kayo dito sa amin.” That statement clearly connotes ownership.

      • VP Binay invites people there like an owner would; his family uses it like an owner would; he moves and walks around there like an owner would, ergo, he must really own it.

    4. dapat ilista kung sino ang mga registered owners ayon sa DAR records – yung cloa beneficiaries. o baka naman public land yan.

    5. jose btaganahan on

      Of course there is no document showing that Binay owns the controversial hacienda Binay in Rosario Batangas. Corrupt politicians use dummies on properties they acquire using stolen government money. But how is that a large portion of the hacienda are now titled by people from Makati, who are not farmers and who are close to Binay? And how is that the ‘former’ owner of hacienda Binay, (before Sunchamp of Antonio Tiu claimed ownership of hacienda Binay with only an un-notarized one page memorandum of agreement to show) did not appear either in the Senate or in the media? Why is Binay hiding his confidant, Gerry Limlingan who could have shed light on the controversy?

    6. If the Binay doesn’t own the Hacienda then how come even Mr. Mercado have own parcel of land and other Makati City officials, Binays are family of liars, liar are cousin or brothers of their. So if the Binay doesn’t claim the property let it just br given to the Government for Auction. Nobody claim, that this is undetected how come CARP missed the issue.Its easy Binay can refute, but why his not doing it because once he is question he will definitely trap to his own words. These is the biggest karma Binay did to Marcos who is being name as corrupt, but his comparison their just the same. They both have one in common dummies.

    7. i think it is clear that neither mr tiu nor mr gregorio lauriano own the property in question. mr gregorio lauiano is in hiding, a clear sign that he is afraid that the truth will be divulged from his mouth; mr tiu showed monumental stupidity during the senate hearing by showing a one page document