Proposed House investigation
on LTFRB deferred, says lawmaker


A PROPOSED inquiry at the House of Representatives on the controversy surrounding the stalled accreditation of two transport network companies (TNCs) before the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is being deferred pending talks with the government-run agency, a lawmaker said on Monday.

“I am holding in abeyance, pending talks with the LTFRB, the filing of my House Resolution calling for a congressional investigation into the LTFRB’s admitted loss of documents with the past LTFRB administration by Uber and Grab,” Aangat-Tayo Partylist Representative Neil Abayon said in a statement.

Abayon called for the LTFRB investigation last week after its board member Aileen Lizada said that when the new set of officers assumed office, the accreditation papers of Grab and Uber could not be found.

Abayon clarified, however, that what he was not calling for an Ombudsman investigation and suspension of the entire LTFRB.

”That call is only specific to those responsible officials and personnel that were supposed to properly record, handle, and safe keep those documents,” he said.

“Ever since we assumed office last year, we tried to locate the accreditation folders of both of Uber and Grab,” Lizada said.

However, Abayon said that the current office was now under intense public scrutiny after admitting the loss.

“I hope the LTFRB realizes that the honor and integrity of their entire agency is now under intense public scrutiny. Their admission to losing filed documents clearly does not instill public confidence that they are properly executing their institutional mandate,” Abayon said.

The Department of Transportation said over the weekend that the current LTFRB could make another request for the same documents from the two TNCs if necessary.


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