Prosecution admits no proof Enrile got kickbacks


THE prosecution team on Monday admitted that it did not present proof that Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile received “pork barrel” kickbacks from Janet Lim Napoles through his former aide, Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes.

The government lawyers made the admission as the Sandiganbayan’s Third Division continued to hear oral arguments on the petition for bail of Napoles, a respondent in the P172-million plunder case filed against the senator in connection with the pork barrel scam.

“Were you able to present proof that accused Enrile received a single centavo…that was allegedly given by Napoles?” Associate Justice Samuel Martires asked the prosecution.

Martires also asked if they presented proof that Reyes gave the money to Enrile.

“None as of this moment for purposes of this bail hearing,” Prosecutor Edwin Gomez answered.

“We will still maintain that the receipt of Reyes is the receipt of Enrile,” Gomez added.

“Why do you have that theory?” Martires asked, pointing out that not one of the witnesses, even Ruby Tuason, testified that they saw Reyes give the money to Enrile.

Tuason has testified that she handed Enrile’s commissions to Reyes.

Gomez said Reyes was the senator’s chief-of-staff and the position “cloaked Reyes with full authority” to supervise pork barrel-funded projects and to sign necessary documents.

But even assuming that Enrile did not receive money, the prosecution panel said he “is not off the hook.”

“We were able to prove that the ill-gotten wealth, kickback, commission were received by Gigi Reyes and were intended for accused Enrile, Your Honor. But even assuming that Sen. Enrile did not receive…kickback, it was Gigi Reyes who appropriated [the money], still there is plunder because she was a public officer at the time,” Director Manuel Soriano said.

When asked why only Reyes was charged when another Enrile aide, Jose Antonio Evangelista, signed 13 endorsement letters, the prosecution said the latter was only authorized by Reyes to sign on her behalf and that the Office of the Ombudsman did not find probable cause against him.

Napoles’ petition for bail, which the court has been hearing since August last year, is now submitted for resolution.

Napoles is serving a life sentence at the Correctional Institute for Women in Mandaluyong for serious illegal detention while Reyes is detained at a Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) facility in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.

Enrile regained his temporary freedom after the Supreme Court granted his bail petition on humanitarian grounds last month.


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  1. >>> BENHUR LUY and other govt witnesses are mostly LIED IN THEIR TESTIMONIES AND AFFIDAVIT SUBMITTED. AND THEY ADMITTED TOO IN THE COURT THAT THEY FALSIFIED THE SIGNATURES OF LEGISLATORS AND USING BOGUS NGOS AND PROJECTS. And THAT BENHUR LUY AND HIS CO-WITNESS PLUS HIS FAMILY MEMBER ARE HAVING AND HARDLY COULD EXPLAIN THEIR AMOUNT OF MONEY DEPOSITED IN SOME BANKS. An ordinary employee with a gross salary of more or less Php 20,000 per month could be having HUNDREDS MILLIONS OF PESOS AND HAVING NOT 1 or 2, but more than 5 deposit account in different banks. THEN THIS DoJ SECRETARY GRANTED HIM A “WITNESS PROTECTION” which the alloted funds usually from people’s taxes. How about their Annual Income Tax, is it in accordance to his actual earning income including his savings of hundreds million in different bank accounts.

    ALL THIS COURT HEARING ARE ALL SHIT AND HELL INCLUDING THAT DoJ Secretary, Ombudsman, Prosecutors a.k.a. Persecutors !!!!!

  2. But there is also no proof that Gigi Reyes received the kickback except for the dubious testimony of Tuason. The mastermind of the scame is Tuason so why trust her testimony? Clearly, Enrile’s strategy is to make Reyes the scapegoat.

    Give Gigi a fair trial instead and stop the trial by publicity. This woman returned from exile precisely to defend herself in a proper court. Instead her case was railroaded and (not supplied a copy of Ruby Tuason’s affidavot) Gigi was not even given opportunity to defend herself.

  3. Halatang halata itong mga prosecutors na ito– they are POLITICALLY DRIVEN. They are not after justice. They are destroyers of the Philippine Republic and tools of the satanic BS Aquino.

  4. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Why don’t the Prosecutors’ Office hire topnotch lawyers and provide them salaries at least at par with the defense lawyers? Palagi na lang palpak ang mga prosecutor pagdating sa plunder and graft and corruption cases against the moneyed and powerful politicians. The prosecution office can only prosecute and put to jail those less moneyed accused. That’s the Philippines. Don’t be surprised if Napoles, Estrada and Revilla will be able to bail out.

    • Agree. The best Lawyers would not work in the Government. The money is at private practice unless they intend to make money out of the government work they are in..

  5. Why not prosecute Gigi Reyes since she’s the link to Enrile as she’s the one who received the money. She’ll be the one to tell where the money went. But Enrile still be responsible to what happened to his pdaf. They are acting like a kid—nobody is taking responsibility that money is gone and all they can say is PROVE IT…show a summary on where the pdaf allowance went to clear your name. This is also for all the lawmakers…fake signatures is no longer accepted. Just prove where the money went on what project.