Prosecutor dismisses rape vs ‘Vhong’ Navarro


The Quezon City Prosecutors Office has denied the motion for reconsideration filed by alleged rape victim Margarita “Mai’’ Fajardo against actor and game show host Ferdinand “Vhong’’ Navarro for lack of probable cause. In a 3-page resolution, Quezon City Prosecutor Donald Lee argued that Fajardo did not offer any new evidence that may allow the prosecutor’s office to reverse its earlier decision dismissing the rape charge. Fajardo objected to the finding that there was no force or intimidation when the alleged rape incident happened. She added that the delay in filing her complaint was mainly due to the fact that she has to carefully consider that she was up against Navarro’s celebrity status. She added that her being a lesbian bears heavily on her. Fajardo insisted that the actor’s denials pale in comparison with her detailed recollection of the incident and the commission of the crime. She added that she was encouraged to file her complaint after actress and model Denise Cornejo and beauty pageant contestant Roxanne Cabaniero separately filed rape complaints against the actor. Navarro’s counsel, in the opposition to the motion for reconsideration, said Fajardo failed to show all the elements of rape as there was no physical harm or weapon involved in the incident. It appeared that both Fajardo and Navarro worked together in April 2014 for a telenovela.


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