• Prosecutors concerned Napoles may stay longer at hospital


    Prosecutors have expressed concern that alleged pork barrel fund scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles may stay longer at the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak) since no definite date has been given for her surgery.

    Special Prosecutor Christopher Garvida on Friday said they expected Napoles to go under the knife during her first week of confinement at the government-run hospital.

    “We expected [this within a few days]after her transfer to the hospital,” Garvida told The Manila Times. To this day, however, no announcement has been made concerning her operation.

    Napoles’ medical team is composed of private physicians from St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City, Metro Manila.

    Even during the hearing on Napoles’ motion asking the court to allow her to undergo surgery and confinement, the prosecution panel already expressed apprehension about it.

    “We voiced our concern before the court that the moment Napoles will be entrusted to her attending physician, they have the call on what to do with her,” Garvida said.

    Dr. Perry Ishmael Peralta, OsMak medical director, said earlier Napoles’ confinement would probably take 26 days if there were no complications after surgery.

    But two weeks have passed since Napoles was transferred there and she is yet to be operated on to remove the cyst in her uterus.

    Garvida said if this would take longer, they would question the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 150 about it.

    While they are wondering why it takes so long for surgery to be performed on Napoles, the prosecution panel said they would give her medical team enough time to perform the operation before doing anything.

    Garvida said since Napoles was confined at OsMak, they have received only one report coming from hospital management that a biopsy would be performed on the businesswoman. They have not heard anything from the hospital since then.

    Prior to her confinement at OsMak, Napoles was detained at Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, for her serious illegal detention case filed by her former employee and cousin, Ben-hur Luy, the main whistleblower in the pork barrel fund scam.


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    1. She needs to go back to gaol and wait there for he scheduled operation.

      Ms Napoles really doesn’t have the right to try and prolong her stay at the hospital, and the court should return her to her “cell”, under the day before her surgery.

      How many other people in her situation sitting in gaol can avail themselves of this type of treatment? She should be treated like any other prisoner, as should her three senator friends as well. It’s laughable that two of them are out of the country, one now walking with the aide of a “stick”.

      DOJ, please lift your game.