Prosecutors doubt Revilla’s feet ailment


STATE prosecutors opposed the petition of Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. that he be allowed to have weekly therapy to ease the intense pain in his heels.

The prosecutors noted that while Revilla submitted a medical certificate signed by Dr. Francisco Agudon on his Herniated Nucleus Pulposus L4-L5, L5-S1 of the lumbar region and Insertions Achilles Tendinitis B, the document is not no-tarized. They added that this ailment needs to be confirmed through a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

“The movant’s claim is wholly unsupported by any convincing evidence. It cannot be diagnosed by a quick and cursory physical examination of the patient but can only be determined thru MRI,” the prosecutors said.

They argued that Revilla failed to establish the existence of this condition as well as the need for him to undergo weekly therapy.

“Without an MRI, there can be no factual basis for the Honorable Court to consider and evaluate the merits or veracity of Revilla’s claims that he requires therapy and treatment,” the prosecutors stressed.

Revilla is facing plunder and graft complaints at the Sandiganbayan in connection with the pork barrel scam. He is detained at the Philippine National Police’s Custodial Center in Camp Crame.


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  1. Listen rivilla is a scam artist like the rest of the politicians who get caught doing illegal things. You will notice every single time a weathy or powerful person gets taken to court they always suddenly get sick. Im only surprised they havent said its life threatening, you know like gloria arroyo’s neck, i mean didnt they tell us without treatment in america she could die. Well she seems perfectly ok to me, ive not heard of a priest administering the last rites to her yet & i bet she outlives me. Im 62 & in good health, apart from my back, but i dont get hospital treatment on a weekly basis, but if a politician in court had this they would be confined to hospital.
    Give him some hard labour & when his muscles are aching from a hard days work he will forget all about his weak achilles tendon.

  2. The prosecution is right: no doctor can attest to a pain which is felt by the patient, not the doctor. And to establish the presence of an abnormality, tests must first be done, and evaluated, in this case, by “pain experts” – as to the likelihood of the heels that need therapy. After all, what is the degree of the pain? Bakit nakakalakad pa siya?