Protect teachers’ rights, welfare – Binay


Education is the most effective social equalizer. What and where I am today–all that I have achieved–I have done so because of the education that I was fortunate enough to receive.

The statement was made by Vice President Jejomar Binay on the Occasion of World Teachers’ Day, October 5.

Binay said he was “fortunate enough” to have been under the tutelage of teachers who taught, not merely because it was their job to do so, but because they valued and loved their profession.

“Their passion to impart knowledge as well as wisdom to the impressionable young minds that was theirs to mold never wavered,” he added.

The importance of inculcating the value of dignity to students, according to the Vice President is severely undermined by the harsh reality our teachers face today.

“Our teachers who are expected to teach dignity ironically cannot maintain their dignity, since their salaries provide them with little option but to take on additional jobs or even work abroad as house help,” he explained.

Binay said he has learned that some teachers being employed by some schools who are given a “measly” salary of P10,000 a month but are made to do workof someone who should be paid thrice that amount.

Even more disturbing, he added, is that teachers, who are supposed to teach us respect and to value human rights, are themselves victims of abuse.

“To this day, we still await justice for the lumad [indigenous people]who were killed inside the Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development in Surigao del Sur,” Binay said.

On World Teachers’ Day, according to the Vice President, we should endeavor to protect the rights and improve the welfare of teachers.

“They are the hands that shape our future. We owe it to them to recognize and honor their sacrifices by making sure they get the services and benefits they deserve,” he said.


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