‘Protection’ racket at immigration hit


THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) is again facing another scandal after a distraught mother of an abuse victim accused some bureau officials of “protecting” two Indians who operated a mining firm in the country and who molested her young daughter.

In an interview with The Manila Times, Neri Coral, mother of 15-year-old “Katy” (not her real name), claimed that BI officials whom she did not name were giving undue protection to Maqsood Ahmed Khan and Koyanna Venogupal Khrisna Reddy, who were recently arrested and jailed in Quezon City.

Coral provided this paper voluminous documents, including exchanges with the BI, regarding her request for the agency to arrest and deport the two “undesirable aliens.”

“I felt oppressed when instead of arresting the two who molested my daughter, they were even given an Allow Departure Order (ADO) despite the numerous complaints filed against Khan and Reddy,” said Coral, who decided to bring the matter to the attention of the media after learning that the Indians each posted bail of P80,000 and have again applied for an ADO.

An ADO is the opposite of a Hold Departure Order (HDO) issued by the BI to prevent an alien from leaving the country for legal reasons.

People privy to the dealings of the two foreigners said the complainants feel oppressed and bitter about the injustice they suffered in the hands of the duo with the alleged connivance of unscrupulous BI officers.

They said the complainants are asking for help to file the necessary criminal and administrative charges against the two at the Office of the Ombudsman.

Coral claimed that she was given the runaround at the BI despite the fact that Commissioner Siegfred Mison had already issued a watch list order (WLO) against the two Indian businessmen who are facing other charges locally.

Copies of the orders were furnished The Manila Times.

On July 10, 2015, Coral provided the BI information abut the sexual harassment and child abuse cases against Khan and Reddy through a letter to Mison.

n the letter, the complainant requested the immediate arrest and deportation of the two Indians.

On September 1, 2015, another group of workers filed a letter complaint at the office of the commissioner, again requesting the immediate arrest of the two and after investigation to order their immediate deportation.

When asked if Mison had anything to do with the “special treatment” being accorded Khan and Reddy, Coral replied: “I don’t think so. There are officials under him who have not been following his orders.”

In fact, she said, Mison issued the WLO on August 19, 2015.

But Coral discovered that on the second week of October, Khan and Reddy were allowed to leave the country while the complaint for deportation was still pending.

The two were given ADO by “commisisoners of the bureau.”

They are facing labor-related complaints.

On October 12, 2015, an arrest warrant was issued by Judge Ma. Lourdes Giron of the Regional Trial Court National Capital Region (NCR) Branch 102, Quezon City.

Khan and Reddy were jailed at the Quezon City Hall police detachment but were able to post bail the next day.

On October 13, 2015, the two again applied for an ADO before the office of a certain Atty. Pascual of the Board of Special Inquiry (BSI) despite pendency of the complaint for deportation and the criminal cases filed against them.


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  1. If the BI commisioner cannot dicepline his underlings he must go. Hire another honest filipino to take care of the BUreau. Huwag nang marami pang dak-dak. Sipa kaagad.

  2. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    This is an isolated case of two Indian nationals. Compare this with thethousands of abuses done by the Chinese nationals in the country. The Chinese comprised the drug dealers, human traffickers, child abusers, and a lot of crimes they committed and they get away with it. Why? Because Miriam said, “The Chinese invented corruption”. The Chinese can get away with all their crimes in the Philippines because they bribe the judges and law enforcement officials. These Chinese should be burned alive.

  3. I thought foreigners are banned to mine in the Philippines, but I guess I’m wrong. So that means an American like me who is white cannot have mining permit, but an Asian who is not a Filipino can? That’s reverse racism!
    I’ve tried for years to have a permit, but can’t. I’ve served I the US military and fell in love with the Filipino people and in return want to help them. I have a small mining firm here in West Virginia. I want to use my company and show the Philippines on how to properly mine the earth and how to treat people with respect. But I guess you want to do the old way. I hope in the near future it will be different. Mabuhay and Mahal ko kayo.

  4. I am wandering why they are allowed to post bail for a child molestation case…if this is the Phil. law, then it really needs to be revised.
    If they are already in the watchlist by Mison, then those two immigration officers must br disciplined.

    • Wag lng disiplinahin, sibakin agad sa pwesto at kasuhan agad mga dawit sa issue na ito. Ung reklamo, dahil sa takbo ng utak ng mga publc servants kuno, eh mga 90% na tama. Pera-pera ang usapan eh… kung me mga anak mang babae mga hinayupak na BI opisyales na dawit dito, baka dumating ang araw na wg nmn sana eh, mangyari in sa mga anak nila. Mga Peste sa lipunan!!!

  5. Matuwid na daan is nothing but word it do anything for our country,illegal mining that are destroying our environment are being done by foreigners,major drug lords are foreigners this is due to corruption.Ngayon nasaan yong ipinagmamalaki ni P-NOY na matuwid na daan.

    • antonio o ferrer on

      antonio.ferrer@att.ne wala na talagang pagasa ang ating bayan na magbago…ilan lamang ang kasaong binanggit,,,pero ang karamihan ay mga intsik 9chiese0 ang mga nagmiminanng mga mahaalaganag heavy metals at dinadala ang mga metals sa china para gawing war materials at karamihan ng mga minahan ay pinatataakbo ng mga dayuhaan kasabwat ng mga opesyal ng mga sqngay ng gobierno…nakakahiya at nakakarimarim na ang mga minahann na ito ay kalaaban mismo ng maga pilipinong mamumuhunan na walang maagaawa sa mga maimpluwensiyang mag dyuhan…kailan kaya atayo magbabago….P-noy at mga ayudanteng nakapalibot sa kanya mayr oon na lamang kayong ilang buwan para magpayaan pa at hari maniwari ay magkaroon ng hustisya na maaring maconvict kayong lahat sa inyong mga kassalaanan.