Protesters vow to exhume remains


THE anti-Marcos camp on Friday vowed to have the remains of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos exhumed from the Libingan ng mga Bayani, as well as run after all government officials that approved the burial that caught everyone by surprise.

BACK TO THE STREETS Anti-Marcos protesters shout slogans in front of the gates of the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig while the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos was being given a hero’s burial. AFP PHOTO BY TED ALJIBE

BACK TO THE STREETS Anti-Marcos protesters shout slogans in front of the gates of the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig while the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos was being given a hero’s burial. AFP PHOTO BY TED ALJIBE

Petitioners against the Marcos interment, led by Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, claimed the burial was illegal as the November 8 Supreme Court ruling that cleared it was not yet final and that they had until November 28 to file a motion for reconsideration.

“We will file a motion to exhume and motion to cite the Marcoses in contempt. This is the same deceptive, devious, underhanded, abusive tactic that they did during Martial Law. He is a murderer and a plunderer. The Libingan [ng mga Bayani]was desecrated with him there,” said Lagman, whose brother Hermon went missing during the Marcos regime and was never found.

Senator Francis Pangilinan, interim president of the Liberal Party whose stalwarts had fought Marcos’ one-man rule, said in a news conference: “We will tirelessly work to reverse and undo this burial.”

The petitioners have argued that Marcos did not deserve to be given a hero’s burial because of atrocities committed by his Martial Law regime that left 3,257 killed, 35,000 tortured, 70,000 incarcerated, and 737 missing based on the records of Amnesty International. At least 75,000 torture victims have applied for compensation under a reparations law passed in 2013.

Critics also cite Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth estimated at $5 billion to $10 billion, on top of the $13.4 billion supposedly deposited by the Marcoses in Swiss banks.

“If they think this is closure, they are mistaken. In fact, they opened the wounds of the victims and kin who were tortured, raped, abducted and killed. This is like raping, torturing, killing them over and over. What healing are they talking about? I tell you, this will not unite our country. We will not be silenced,” said Pangilinan.
Aquinos react

Former president Benigno Aquino 3rd, whose father Benigno Aquino Jr.’s 1983 assassination triggered the ouster of the Marcos regime three years later, said that “at a time like this, it is fitting that we hear the voices of others: learn about their stories, the persons behind the statistics, their loved ones lost to the regime of Martial Law. They should never be forgotten.”

Aquino’s cousin, Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th, said President Rodrigo Duterte should be held accountable for allowing the burial.

“This is now part of our history – from Marcos and his cronies’ grave abuses to the People Power Revolution, from his covert burial to today’s protests and cries against a heroes burial for a Filipino dictator,” he said.

Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo was among the first to condemn the burial, saying in a statement: “Like a thief in the night, the Marcos family deliberately hid the information of burying former president Marcos today from the Filipino people.”

“This is nothing new to the Marcoses – they who had hidden wealth, hidden human rights abuses, and now, a hidden burial – with complete disregard for the law,” said Robredo, who defeated Marcos’ son and namesake Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in the tightly contested vice-presidential election.

Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon characterized the “stealthy and hurried manner” of the Marcos burial as reminiscent of Martial Law.

The atrocities during Martial Law succeeded because the citizenry was kept in the dark, he pointed out.
“Like what Marcos did for 21 years, he caught us off-guard like a thief in the night. His burial is anything but noble. Even in death, he is a thief,” Drilon said in a statement.


Toym Imao, whose father the National Artist Abdulmari Imao is buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani and whose uncle was killed during Martial Law, expressed anger at the “whitewash” of Marcos’ atrocities.

“My father’s brother was killed during Martial Law, our family suffered during the burning of Sulu [in the same period]. This government whitewashed the dark legacy of the Marcoses, and we will not falter in seeking steps to address this travesty of a sacred ground,” Imao said in the news conference.

Marcos opponents taken by surprise by the burial quickly organized a series of rallies across Metro Manila on Friday afternoon that attracted thousands of people.

In one of the biggest at the University of the Philippines, protesters banged on drums and chanted “Marcos thief,” “Marcos dictator” and “exhume, exhume.”

Students at Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College and University of Santo Tomas walked out of classes in protest.

The protesters merged at the monument on EDSA commemorating the 1986 “People Power” revolution that overthrew Marcos’ two-decade reign.


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  1. Students walk out as if students can do that without approval of the school authorities. With complete disregard of the law? The Supreme Court made the decision and even in fact disclosed that there was no motion on the anti-Marcos to restrain the burying. Who is ignorant of law here and who has no respect for the law? Ang mga matatalino at disente nagsalita na naman ng walang kaalam-alam. Tapos ang mga placards niyo ang bababoy. May itsura ng tite at kung anu-ano pa. Pati mga bata pinagrally at may permiso daw sa mga magulang. Ang point is mga bata pa yan, they should be enjoying life at hindi pinagrarally dahil pinapasan na nila ng kalbaryo ng mga matatanda. Abuse of authority and human rights violation yan mga madre at padre.

  2. When I was an student activists we were ready to spill whatever happen in the street those days during EDSA 1, but now a days good heavens too many fake/ yellowtards/politicians like those days pretend to be the voice of the populace but nothing but ooportunists right Mr. lagman. Students now a days do you think this kids can march for many days gonna be kidding me….lokohin nyo lolo nyo…they are just using this kids try falling them.


    To parents fall them out from schools that are using them a political pawns by their a political clown professors baka naka high pa sa drugs mga iyan habang nagtuturo. sa mga anak ninyo.

  3. Macoy’s atrocities were never accounted for for lack or absence of evidence. There have been no crimes he was convicted of ever proven in court. Otherwise, he would have been in jail at that time, not as an exile. Or his wife Imelda would have been in jail rotting. But the Marcoses are here to stay, even serving in the government. These anti-Marcos paid trolls are nothing but slaves to their holier-than-thou masters who are obviously scared of Macoy. They were scared when he was alive, and are still scared now that he is dead.

  4. The buck stops with Marcos. Without histacit approval those atrocities and the plundering of the country’s wealth that were committed would have never happened

  5. Dear Anti-Marcos Protesters in the Picture|

    I am a voter of BBM in the last election: but I also didn’ t like the burial. I cannot do anything, and so are the rest of us because it was an order coming from the President of PH that: Macoy be in the deep at the Hero Cemetery.

    True, I have no doubt that the Old Macoy is in HELL and cannot be associated with Jesus Christ in anyways, for we all have knowledge that he didn’ t apologized for his sins. Hence, I think this is our final justice on Macoy’ s Evil: The non-entry of his soul at Jesus Christ’ s Heaven. I pray that Jesus Christ Punish Macoy the Old according to all sins that he has done while living here on Earth| a total pain for Macoy at HELL.

    I do apologize to all epople who doesn’ t like Macoy| because I still think that BBM is far better than Leni or even Digong :P Seriously, I stand with my vote| Macoy Jr. for VP or President. I definitely will choose this BBM kid versus Pacman at the Next Presidential Election :P

    • You are transferring your hate to the son in the form of appreciation because you believe him for being the better person? Don’t you find it odd that you speak ill of Macoy, even suggesting that he is in hell, and further suggesting yourself to be Christian, yet not realizing that BBM might find it disrespectful and disturbing? I for one would not want somebody to like me and yet hate and make a mockery of my family. But, then, we think differently. It’s what makes this world go round. It is full of contradictions.

  6. aber aber, paano nyo gagawin yan? At kanino nyo ipafile ang contempt, sa SC? nagdesisyon na nga eh kaso hindi nyo matanggap. Sino na nga ba ang susundin nyo sa bansang ito, sarili nyo lang at mga amo nyong dilaw.

  7. Look , many of these protesters were not even born during the Martial law and they have the gall to complaint..?
    What is their basis,, hearsay from elders , old newspaper clippings, rumor mill etc?
    Personally if you have not experienced the atrocities then you are not qualified to talk about it..?
    Don’t allow your self to be used by these opportuntistic politicians that want to boost their own stock at your expense using the contentiious issue as leverage to fan emotions..

  8. 4DSakeOfDCountry on

    The YELLOWS are using same tactic….. Use STUDENTS as ACTIVISTS since they are easily swayed than those who have experienced that hack EDSA Revolt, where are the people from EDSA Revo 1 or 2? Heh, after 2 stupid aquino’s sat they only made the Philippines worst country during their time. And those so called Martial Law Victims why not PROSECUTE “FIDEL RAMOS” and “JUAN PONSE ENRILE”, they are still alive are the right hand-man of the late Pres. F. Marcos.

    Shame on these Schools/Universities PROMOTING THEIR STUDENTS TO BECOME ACTIVISTS. The President/Government should Remove these DEANS/PROFESSORS who lets their STUDENTS turn into REBELS who DOESN’T FOLLOW THE LAW.

  9. Dear Students, Si Joma Sison, Communist Party president noong araw ang “LORD” ng mga aktibista. Inamin naman later on ng mga comunista na kagagawan nila ang pambobomba sa Plaza Miranda. Martial Law (ML) was declared. Logically, dahil din naman sa mga communists kaya nagka ML. Sana, si Joma ang tingnan ngayon ng mga aktibista. Siya ang nagpasugod, nagpalaban sa pamahalaan. Nahuli siya ni Apo Lakay, ikinulong. Ngayon, itanong niyo, mga aktibista kayo, kung si Ninoy Aquino ay di katuwang ni Joma Sison? Kya nga, nang pangulo na si Tita Cory ay pinakawalan niya sa billangguan si Joma. Mga students, read pa more our history, old and contemporary.

  10. Isinalang alang ng mga Marcoses ang damdamin ng mga nasaktan ng Martial Law kayat ginawang tahimik at simple ang libing ng pangulo at umiiiwas sa maaring pagkakagulo ng mga filipino. Tama lang ang ginawa ng mga Marcoses. At bakit pati ang paglilibing sa pangulo ay kasalanan pa rin ni Ferdinnand Marcos? Hindi na kayo makatarungan. Sino sa mga Marcoses at sa inyong mga nagra rally ang totoong makatao at maka Diyos? Maghunus dili kayo!

    Let God’s will be done.

  11. Relevance lang ang habol nyan. Para maging busy ulit.
    Tuta raw si Macoy e ang tuta si Noynoy. Patriotism? Gusto ngang bawiin ni Macoy ang Sabah, si Noynoy? ibinigay sa China ang Scarborough Shoal. WTF.

  12. Pity these anti-Marcos people. They have so much hatred and bitterness in their heart. I pray that the grace of the Lord be with them.

  13. wow!!!! just like before, the oppositionist ay nakatulog sa pansitan. LOL very poor intelligence. funeral in daylight time specially at high noon a secret? maybe. Or this is one thing you can be proud of the military, good or bad, once you order it is a secret, it is a secret.

  14. Why you people not ask Ramos and Enrile the executioner of the martial law during that time. Ramos was the overall head of the infamous PC while Enrile was the Defense Chief. It was the PC who turture prisoners and rape the women.