A proud single mom to her little star


Former child star Camille Prats continues to prosper in showbiz as a dramatic actress. But despite her hectic TV schedule, her priorities are far from just being in the spotlight.

Best known as “Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa” from the ‘90s adaptation of the Japanese anime, Prats considers herself a mom first of all these days to her eight-year-old son Nathan.

Nathan is her only child by husband Anthony Linsangan who tragically died of cancer in September 2011. A widow at such a young age, Prats faced her fate bravely and has since succeeded in raising her little boy with the help of her close-knit family.

Talking with The Manila Times at the launch of new Japanese-inspired street wear brand Swag Junior, Prats was a proud mom as she talked about Nathan, who was also launched as the line’s endorser.

Former child star Camille Prats now has her own little star in son Nathan

Former child star Camille Prats now has her own little star in son Nathan

She generously shared parenting style in the interview, explaining how she simply strives to “balance” her approach, with being a single parent in mind.

“I have to be the disciplinarian when the situation calls for it. Sometimes I am the barkada-type of parent, and I also make it a point that we enjoy doing things together,” the 31-year-old mom related.

“I am into positive parenting but I make sure that I also have to be strict in some cases since my child is a boy and I want him to be responsible and independent. But because I am a single parent, I also want to be the kind of mom he enjoys being with.”

Asked for advice on how to bond with one’s children, Prats said there is no need to plan something special every time.

“We don’t really need to leave the house or go elsewhere. There are so many things that we can do together, like watch his favorite clips on YouTube or playing soccer in the garden. What is most important is quality time—to make your time bonding memorable even if limited because of work.”

Prats also told The Manila Times that she also has to consider the “celebrity factor” in raising Nathan, with an actress for a mom, as well as John Prats for an uncle. She never made him feel entitled to anything just because she and her brother are from showbiz, and thankfully, the boy grew up humble and well rounded.

“That’s why I allowed him to join [ABS-CBN children’s gag show] Goin’ Bulilit because I know he can handle it,” the doting mom continued. “He’s actually shy so I’ve had to guide him–like when people ask to have photos with him, I remind him to say yes because they might think he’s snobbish if he says no. He accommodates everyone naman,” she shared.

Asked whether she will allow Nathan to appear in more shows, Prats replied, “I will when he’s much older because now, our focus is school and sports. I really want him to engage himself in sports because it instills a different kind of discipline.”

She added, “Growing up in the limelight and I really know how hard it is to juggle being young and being in showbiz. I am just very lucky that my parents were very supportive of what I wanted to do, but at the same time, guided me to study and balance work with school.”

Learning from her own experiences, Prats feels confident she will be able to show Nathan the most ideal path to pursue. And come 2017, she will also have the help of a new dad for the young boy as she marries her boyfriend of three-years, John Yambao, with Nathan’s all-important blessing of course.


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