• PSA adopts NCCA’S statistics framework


    The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Board has approved the adoption of the Philippine Cultural Statistics Framework (PCSF) developed by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) on March 16.

    PCSF is a localized version of the 2009 UNESCO Framework for Cultural Statistics, it is also tool for organizing cultural statistics, providing conceptual foundation which enables the production and dissemination of cultural data, supporting research component in policymaking, and measuring the impact of culture and arts in Philippine development.

    The development of the PCSF involved the participation of culture and arts sector such as cultural workers, cultural agencies, artists and experts in the various art disciplines.

    Technical working group meetings, focused group discussions, consultation workshops and validation conferences were conducted to create a framework that is locally sensitive and reflective of Philippine culture and arts.

    With the adoption of the PCSF, the NCCA will be able to address one of the major challenges in the Philippine Development Plan which is to formulate a widely acceptable set of cultural indicators that would help systematize cultural development planning. It will also pave the way for the systematic generation of cultural statistics.

    The PCSF was endorsed by the NCCA Board of Commissioners headed by Chairperson Felipe de Leon for adoption to the PSA through its Inter-agency Committee on Educational Statistics (IACES) headed by Assistant Secretary Jesus Lorenzo Mateo, pursuant of NCCA Resolution No. 2015-472.


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