• PSA to conduct monthly farm prices survey


    THE Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will conduct a monthly farm prices survey (FPS) to gather data that can be used to inform policymakers on what programs and interventions are needed for the development of the agriculture sector.

    Lisa Grace Bersales, national statistician and civil registrar general, said that the FPS will be undertaken on a monthly basis by the PSA’s Price Statistics Division and will cover 81 provinces nationwide.

    Bersales added that the agency has allocated P14.36 million for the conduct of the surveys.

    The FPS was cleared for conduct in June this year through the Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS), a mechanism being implemented by the PSA in line with Rule 28 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 10625.

    The survey aims to ensure sound design for data collection; minimize the burden placed upon respondents; effect economy in statistical data collection; eliminate unnecessary duplication of statistical data collection; and achieve better coordination of government statistical activities.

    “In line with this, concerned owners, managers, employees, or any persons knowledgeable on the operations of their farms are enjoined to respond to the survey to pursue a more effective system of generating and processing price information of agricultural commodities,” Bersales said.

    For crop prices, the top five producing municipalities per commodity will be covered. At least five farmers who traded the commodity will be selected and interviewed in each of the sampled municipalities.

    Commodities for each province are pre-determined based on the major produce of the province in terms of the most recent statistics on the volume of crop production, priority crop of the province, categorization as a national commodity with the province identified as one of the major producers, and commodity considered in the basket for the computation of the producers’ price index (PPI).

    For backyard livestock and poultry farms, the top five municipalities per item will be identified, and five raisers will be selected and interviewed in each of the sampled municipality.

    For commercial livestock and poultry farms, two samples per stratum will be chosen in a province.

    Monthly statistics on farmgate prices of agricultural commodities are posted quarterly at http://countrystat.psa.gov.ph/?cont=10&pageid=1&ma=J50PRFPC.

    The statistics on PPI for agriculture is scheduled for release on September 30, 2016.


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