PSC must intervene to save Philippine sports




It has been said that the greatest hindrance to the progress of Philippine sports is the persistent moral depravity within our sports institutions. This is further aggravated by the wanton disregard of government officials of their mandate and duties under the law.

These are the tragic consequences of politics and patronage in Philippine sports that destroy the professional competence and effectiveness of its government agencies.

In the past, the PSC has miserably failed to provide the leadership in the development of national sports particularly on the grassroots level.

Worse, it failed to function as an effective government regulatory agency. The latter is very much felt in the swimming community.

While the law recognizes the autonomy of the POC and an NSA, the PSC should not lose sight of the fact that their role is to protect public interest. The agency must ensure that there is no anomaly in the use of public funds and that there should be no room for politics and patronage in Philippine sports.

These rules and regulations should be consistent with and supportive of the declared policy of the state to promote and develop a national sports program without the oppressive and ridiculous imposition of the membership requirement and “unauthorized relation” policy by the NSA.

The PSC must not surrender its authority to the NSAs, otherwise, it will lose its raison d’ etre as a government agency under RA 6847, known as the PSC Act.

Only President Rodrigo R. Duterte, can bring about the above changes in Philippine sports. We are confident that he can put an end to this vicious cycle of corruption, patronage, politics and power play.

At the end of the day, what we want to see is a truly democratic sports-for-all program.

The PSC can intervene.

Almost every nation on earth has a government-funded and government-run sports agency among them India, Jamaica, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates etc.

Canada and United Kingdom has an appointed sports minister.

In China, the government runs a strong national sports program to the fullest of its competitiveness.

As I’ve said, PSC must intervene to save Philippine sports.

It can dissolve POC or put on hold the November 25 POC election.

As Senator Manny Pacquiao said pertaining to the government, “They must fix whatever needs to be fixed, stop whatever wrong that’s happening.”


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