• PSC must intervene to save Philippine sports



    (First of two parts)

    There were just too many emails I received in response to my last article entitled “POC election needs government intervention.”

    They are mostly private messages, which means they don’t want to come out in the open.

    Probably, they are afraid that the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) or the leader of the national sports association (NSA) where they belong might harass them or their children who may have happen to be athletes.

    In this piece, I would write more about the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and its power, functions, responsibilities and mandate.

    But firstly, let’s discuss the common misconception that the POC is a government sports agency.

    If you are into sports in the years 2005 to 2016, you would no doubt feel the strong presence of POC under its President Jose “Peping” Cojuangco.

    There were no plans on how to improve and develop Philippine Sports under Cojuangco. He was merely focused on politics with the chief aim of controlling the NSAs.

    The latter have no choice but to bow down to the POC otherwise a new NSA that Cojuangco favored would replace them.

    Under the old PSC administration, any NSA that will not follow the desires of the POC would be deprived of funding and their athletes would have a hard time getting training abroad or joining international competitions.

    But now, with the PSC under Chairman William “Butch” Ramirez appointed by President Rodrigo R. Duterte, we can now see changes.

    The abuse of power and corruption in the POC can be stopped if the PSC will exercise its powers as mandated by the law.

    We must remember that it is the PSC that is funding the NSAs.

    The bottom line is that the NSAs under the POC are indebted to the PSC because it is the latter that is providing funds for the development of athletes.

    Using the family as a model, the PSC therefore is the head because it is the one providing sustenance.

    Let us first examine the existence of the POC as a legal organization.

    To be as such, they must first get their legal personality by registering the organization with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Without a SEC registration, the POC cannot be considered a legal organization.

    The question now is, are the actions of POC in accordance with the law?

    The POC is a private organization and definitely it cannot be above the law.

    The PSC can cut the funding of any NSA that are guilty of mismanagement and other violations.

    An interesting scenario to ponder on is what would the POC do without the NSAs?

    With the POC election set on November 25, the sentiment of the sports community must be heard.

    There is a call for change and transformation that PSC Chairman Ramirez must not ignore.

    (To be continued)


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