• PSL swimmer Jerard Dominic Jacinto should be a member of the national team



    Jerard Dominic Jacinto, 15 years old, a Philippine Swimming League (PSL) swimmer who used to be under the tutelage of coach Ryan Robles of MCU-R3 swim club has been participating in the series of competitions by the PSL since he was nine years old.

    Jacinto is now a college student at the University of the East, Manila.

    Jacinto is one gifted swimmer whose talent could go to waste because of the questionable policies of the Philippine Swimming Inc. (PSi), the NSA for swimming under the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

    During the 79th University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) season, though then a high school tanker, Jacinto beat college level swimmers including Axel Ngui, a member of the national team.

    Records will tell that Jacinto is the best backstroke swimmer in the country.

    The following are the records of Jacinto, a product of the PSL grassroots development program, compared to those of Axel Ngui and other college athletes:

    Jerard Dominic Jacinto (15) 50m. – 27.33 sec

    Axel Ngui (22) 27.73 sec 100m – 59.06 sec

    Neil Puyo (18) 1:00.34 200m – 2:09.63 sec

    Gerard Reyes (20) 2:11.84 sec

    The question is, will the PSi select Jacinto to be a member of the national team?

    It must be remembered that the POC has tolerated the wrongdoings of the PSi for the longest time.

    Under the law, the selection process must give equal opportunity and must be non-discriminatory regardless of race, gender, religion and political parties of the person concerned.

    The past administrations of the PSC also tolerated the abusive practices of Mark Joseph and the PSi.

    I must again repeat that Mark Powell Joseph has a standing warrant of arrest for child abuse because of a case filed by athlete swimmer, Paul Jerome Carpio.

    In the said incident, Joseph called the Malaysian organizer of the swimming tournament telling them that Carpio and the other swimmers in their team are not members of PSi, and thus they must not be allowed to compete. Joseph allegedly told the organizer that in the Philippines, it is easy to get a fake passport.

    Joseph should be suspended by the PSC right then and there because of these criminal acts.

    “This must be considered by the PSC. How can PSi run the NSA with its president at large. Getting instructions from someone that has warrant of arrest and instead of filing a bail bond, Joseph flew out of the country,” said Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption founding chairman Dante Jimenez

    The other PSi officials including Lani Velasco must be charged with obstruction of justice for cuddling Joseph.

    “We will see to it that corruption in sports must be put to stop, there must be no compromise”, added Jimenez.

    I was tagged by PSC Commissioner Mon Fernandez concerning a recent Facebook post by Joseph that reads, “ PSC chairman William Ramirez should reform or resign for violation of RA 6897 and other ongoing violation to the Olympic charter and basic universal principles of good governance. Unfortunately, his interest is attached to President Duterte, his bosom buddy. Arrogance comes before the fall, as the saying goes.”

    For the above statement alone, PSC Chairman Ramirez must sanction Joseph.

    The PSC must also impose a fair selection process of athletes to the NSAs whose funds are coming from the government.

    Indeed, the 15 years old Jerard Dominic Jacinto, the best backstroke swimmer in the country that has proven his mettle against older swimmers, must be included in the national team.

    Kudos to the Philippine Sports Commission!


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