• Psychiatrists who tested Sereno fired


    Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno has fired the two psychiatrists of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) who gave her a poor grade when she applied for the top judicial post.

    A well-placed source at the Supreme Court told The Manila Times the JBC, which Sereno chairs, did not renew the contracts of the two psychiatrists when their tenure ended in December 2013.

    The source did not name the psychiatrists, but said they had been with the JBC long before Sereno became chief justice.

    The source said Sereno pushed the ouster of the psychiatrists because she flies into a rage every time the issue of psychiatric testing comes up during deliberations in the JBC.

    “They were fired because the CJ [Chief Justice] has an ax to grind. They tested her and found her to have failed the psychiatric test,” the source said.

    The JBC refused to renew the appointments of the two psychiatrists for no clear and justifiable reason, the source said.

    The JBC cannot use cost-cutting to justify the sacking the two doctors since they were replaced by a psychometrician, the source said.

    In the original JBC appointments of mental examiners, there are two psychiatrists and two psychologists.

    A psychiatrist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. A psychometrician is defined as a person skilled in the administration and interpretation of objective psychological tests. A psychologist devises, constructs and standardizes psychometric tests.

    The Manila Times tried to reach Sereno several times for reaction, but Theodore Te, chief of the Public Information Office, did not respond to the text messages sent to him.


    In an exclusive story broke by the Times on August 24, 2012, the very day that Sereno was appointed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd as chief justice, it was discovered that she got a “grade of 4” in the tests given by the two psychiatrists and two psychologists of the JBC.

    A grade of 5 is the lowest. A former JBC member said a person who gets such a grade is deemed psychotic.

    The psychiatric report said Sereno had an IQ of 109. But she got a grade of four with diagnostic findings reflected in it.

    Sereno was interviewed on July 18, 2012 but despite the low mark, she got six votes from the JBC, qualifying her for the shortlist of candidates for chief justice.

    It was the first time Sereno went through psychiatric testing, since she was not screened when she applied as Associate Justice in 2010.

    Under an existing JBC policy, an applicant to any position in the judiciary with a grade of four is unfit for the job.

    Sereno’s psychiatric report described her as “dramatic and emotional.”

    “She appears energetic and all smiles and agreeable, but with religious preoccupation in almost all significant aspects of her life. She projects a happy mood but has depressive markers too. There is a strong tendency to make decisions based on current mood thus, outcome is highly subjective and self-righteous,” the report added.

    In the tally sheet of the JBC, two noted jurists—Supreme Court Justice Diosdado Peralta and retired SC Justice Regino Hermosisima—did not vote for Sereno.

    Those who voted for her were Undersecretary Michael Musngi, representing the Executive Department, Sen. Francis Escudero and Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas Jr.—who represent Congress, lawyer Jose Mejia, representing the academe, lawyer Milagros Fernan-Cayosa, representing the IBP and retired Court of Appeals Justice Aurora Santiago-Lagman, representing the private sector.

    Sereno was the first appointee of Aquino to the High Court. A former Executive Director of the Asian Institute of Management, she is at age 50 the youngest to be named chief magistrate.


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    1. MD’s JD’s PhD’s have average IQ of 125+
      College Graduate 112 to 115
      1-3 years of College 104 to 115
      Clerical and Sales workers 100 to 105
      High school Graduates 100
      1-3 years of High school 95
      Elementary Graduates 90
      Adults who harvest Vegetables 60
      Si Lagman 109 …Kayo na ang bahalang humusga kung karapat dapat ba siyang maging Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

    2. Grade of 4 ( 5 being psychotic)…What? Malapit ng psychotic.
      Report says she is dramatic and emotional,… (Pang sine lang pala)
      with religious preocupation on all aspects of life, ….(No comment)
      happy, energetic, moody and with makers of depression, ( Tawa ng tawa kung minsan umiiyak, malungkot at minsan masaya, may markers of Depression… ano tawag doon)
      strong tendency to make decisions based on current mood thus, outcome is highly subjective and self-righteous… ( Not objectively kaya ang decisions is not based on the facts but by her moods… naku nakakatakot)
      she flies into a rage (Rage (emotion), an intense form of anger … bagay na bagay siyang Supreme Court Justice …Actions speaks louder than words)
      They tested her and found her to have FAILED the psychiatric test . FAILED Pschiatric Test … ano pa ang gusto ninyo.
      Ang mga involved: Ang nag-appoint si President Benigno NOYNOY Aquino… Alam nyo na.
      Ang mga Bumoto na okay lang ang mga findings na Grade 4 at iba pa:
      Those who voted for her were Undersecretary Michael Musngi, representing the Executive Department, kaya naman pala..
      Sen. Francis Escudero and Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas Jr.—who represent Congress,
      ( Chiz Escudero yung BF ni Heart Evangelista? at si Niel na mayaman daw?)
      lawyer Jose Mejia, representing the academe, Saan ba siya nagtuturo… dapat agwing dean,
      lawyer Milagros Fernan-Cayosa, representing the IBP ( What? IBP ang samahan ng mga LOWYERS naku Lawyers pala…, and retired Court of Appeals Justice Aurora Santiago-Lagman, representing the private sector. Private sector pala siya…Lahat sila Honorable, Dignified, Incorruptible at principled at may takot sa Diyos… Totoo?

      at may matino pa rin sina Supreme Court Justice Diosdado Peralta and retired SC Justice Regino Hermosisima ( Salamat).

    3. Dominic Albert on

      ibig lang sabihin nyan na matalino si Sereno kasi alam nya talaga kung ano ang dapat gawin !!

    4. Every life’s episode has an ending. Sereno can never escape her’s which by all accounts, starting as SC justice and as SC CJ, was froth with impropriety. By reasons of mediocrity and mental incapacity her downfall will be harsh and will end in ignominy.

    5. Sadyan’g ganyan lang talaga ang kalakaran sa Judicial system nito’ng bansa na Pilipinas na ito, braso-han, venga-han, ayusan, lakaran kung kailangan pumasa ang kamag anak na hindi nakapasa sa ilang subjects ng bar exams at lahat ng pag iibestiga ay pagtatakpan na mamatay ng tuluyan ang isyu na para ba-gang the case is closed, moot and academic and not for public scrutiny…at ngayon na fire na ng tuluyan iyong dalawang psychiatrist na ginagawa lang ang tamang evaluation ng kanyang psychological state of mind to head the dreaded SC…Weather-whether lang talaga ang braso han ditto sa lupain ng mga Ladrones na Pilipinas

    6. What is the purpose of Phycho test or any other test if it has no meaning in the process of selection? Sino ang phychotic? a. si Sereno b.yung mga bumoto para sa kanya c. yung nag appoint sa kanya d. lahat sila?

    7. Mataas pa pala IQ ko kay Sereno, kasi 3x ako kumuha ng IQ tests, laging constant ang scoring 139, 140, 141….ako na lang kaya ang CJ? hahaha

      OMG, ito lang pala nag Cj natin…kaya pala tuwing magsasalita ito eh parang walang saysay….malayo kay Miriam Santiago….!

    8. mikhail hieronymus on

      If Sereno was not qualified for the job of a Supreme Court Justice, why then did Pnoy appointed her as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Doesn’t it sounds CRAZY.

      If this is the case, then we are all being governed by Crazy People. No wonder Senators and Congressmen are stealing government money left and right because they are sure they can get away with anything. Its a LOONY world we are living in!!!!

      • So it is only now that you have realised we are governed by crazy people. Look at our government, our senators, our congressmen. Watch the movie “Gods Must Be Crazy”. Maybe, that will make everybody feel better!.

    9. people who are working as contractual are easily let go. many people are fired everyday, everywhere. big deal.

    10. Is the Philippines being run by people with questionable psycholigical make-up? The executive with BS Aquino, the judiciary with CJ Sereno, and congress with majority of senators and congressmen who are too scared of Malacanang to think for themselves.

    11. Wow, ang chief justice ng Pilipinas, kwestionable ang katinuan ng utak? Naku, kaya pala medyo erratic ang behavior.

      It is evident to many that Sereno can’t be expected to change her ways. But perhaps she can’t help it, as her psychological and psychiatric make-up, according to the results of her tests, show that not only does she have depressive markers, but that she has mood swings, and her decisions are based on such mood swings. She is therefore unfit to make an objective decision. This probably explains the fact that even as she must have known that the SC is a collegial body and that as chief justice, Sereno cannot unilaterally come up with decisions and pass off her decision as the decision of the entire high court en banc.

    13. Roldan Guerrero on

      Sereno replaced Corona by illegal means though his incompetent mentor. Her position as the Chief Magistrate, since questionable makes her position co-terminous with his inutile mentor. She will surely find herself on top of a raging fire after his mentor, the most incompetent president the Phil. ever had, completes his term. She will suffer the same concequences of what they did to Corona, one possibility is she might go with his mentor to jail.

    14. Two in the JBC did not vote. What are the scores given by the other 6 members of JBC? Evidently the scores qualified her.

      If two psychiatrists were fired, how many psychiatrists are on the JBC?

    15. why don’t they just do away with the process when it could be disregarded by the appointing power anyway. maybe they have the same rating, di kaya?

    16. Arlene Bermudez on

      Dapat i-recall appointment niyang si Sereno, di pala pasado sa Psycho Test. Yan ba dahilan kaya siya napili ni PNoy?

    17. James Mcpherson on

      If a evaluation of 4 meant the candidate was no longer qualified, then why did she continue through the process. Smells, yet again, of power and influence over process.

    18. Humanda ka Sereno. You added more fuel to the fire. Sa ginawa mong iyan, lalong nagpatotoo na you have a tendency to become violent. What makes you think those two psychiatrists were not equipped with something they can use to get even exactly when your ire reaches to this point?