• PTT Philippines to import Euro 4 fuels in Q4


    PTT Philippines Corp., a subsidiary of Thailand’s petroleum giant, will start importing Euro 4 emission standard compliant fuels this year.

    PTT Philippines President and CEO Sukanya Seriyothin said the imported petroleum products will be sourced from the parent firm in Thailand starting in the fourth quarter of the year.

    She, however, did not elaborate on the volume and other details of the shipments, other than saying that the move is in compliance with the directive from the Department of Energy (DOE) requiring all oil companies to sell Euro 4 fuels starting January 2016.

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) earlier set the deadline for the implementation of the Euro 4 emission standard in July this year.

    But the DOE pointed out the earlier deadline wasn’t doable for oil companies.

    “Our mother company has been producing and offering Euro 4 emission standard fuels long ago so it can supply our requirement,” she said.

    DOE Officer-in-Charge Zenaida Y. Monsada earlier said that oil companies have already made arrangements with their suppliers to make the Euro 4 fuels available by January 2016.

    Euro 4 is a globally accepted emission standard for vehicles that requires fuel with significantly lower amounts of sulfur and benzene.

    The DENR said sulfur levels of diesel and gasoline should stand at 0.005 percent or 50 parts per million (ppm) under the new standard from 0.05 percent or 500 ppm under Euro 2 standards.

    The benzene content of gasoline will also go down to 1 percent from the 5 percent.

    The DENR noted that Euro 4 products have 35 percent aromatics in volume terms, unlike Euro 2 fuels which have no limit set for this measure.


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