• PTT sets expansion plan for 2016


    Independent oil player PTT Philippines is set to start the implementation of its expansion program early next year.

    PTT Philippines marketing director Khun Thitiroj Rergsumran said part of the expansion program is setting up the company’s compact or mini-stations.

    He said the oil firm’s head office in Thailand, the PTT Public Company Limited, has given the program the green light after making some amendments.

    “After we reviewed with the head office, we had some correction and we will start next year,” Rergsumran said.

    He clarified that the mini-stations are on top of the company’s 15 service stations target for next year.

    PTT Philippines president and CEO Sukanya Seriyothin said the firm had received the revised design of compact stations from its head office.

    Construction of compact stations will take 15-20 days, according to the lady CEO.

    Seriyothin said PTT would also prioritize the construction of more retail stations across the country.

    “We will have in some areas compact stations, but we will still go with the big stations,” she said.

    The compact or mini-stations will have an area of 800 to 1,000 square meters, smaller than a regular retail station, which measures 1,200 to 1,800 square meters in land area.

    PTT Philippines targets small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to invest in owning mini-gas stations.

    Investment for a mini-gas station, Sungmongkol said, is 30-percent less than for a regular station.

    PTT Philippines Director for Operations and Logistics Khun Korawat Sungmongkol said a normal PTT station costs around P8 million, while a mini gas station could be P6 million.

    PTT Philippines has allocated P3 billion, General Manager Danilo Alabado said, to carry out its expansion plan for the next five years, including retail stations, an oil terminal, and an oil depot.


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