• Public funds should be seen online – Miriam


    AIMING for a more transparent government, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Saturday sought the adoption of the open government system initiated by United States (US) President Barack Obama, in which public funds can be seen online through a government website.

    Under Obama’s initiative, the US government developed the website Data.gov that makes government data available to the public, Santiago said.

    The senator wants the practice copied in the Philippines, saying that establishing a similar government website that would enable the public to track “pork barrel” projects and the discretionary funds of every public official and know the salaries and sources of additional income of high government officials.

    She said these discretionary funds include the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE), intelligence funds, lump-sum funds, special purpose funds.

    The senator noted that the creation of an online dashboard for public funds will make government spending transparent, participatory, and collaborative.

    “The public has the right to know where their taxes go and if government is spending public funds wisely,” Santiago said in a statement.

    “For example, the online dashboard would be able to show citizens which government projects are over budget or behind schedule. Our netizens are already tracking bloated government projects on their own, as shown by the recent uproar over the P7 million flagpole being erected at the Luneta, but an online dashboard would centralize all information and make tracking government funds easier,” she added.

    Although the Department on Budget and Management (DBM) has a website where information on the PDAF is posted, the senator deems it insufficient.

    “As shown by the recent PDAF scandal involving bogus non-government organizations and ghost projects, information on government projects should be as comprehensive as possible and easily accessible to the public,” Santiago said.

    The DBM website posts information on projects chosen for funding by each legislator, a brief project description, and the project proponent.

    The senator envisions the website to be a searchable online dashboard that could feature additional and detailed information on the recipients, beneficiaries, contractors, source, progress status of government funded projects.

    Santiago said the People’s March on August 26 showed public clamor for fiscal transparency and accountability.

    At the same time, Santiago renewed her call for the immediate passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill, saying “a vigilant and informed citizenry is our most effective weapon against graft and corruption.”

    “Democratizing information is the government’s responsibility. The right of the people to information on matters of public concern is enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

    We are party to the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which provides that access to information is a basic human right. An FOI law is long overdue,” she said.


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    1. FOI delaying has made these Pork Barrel flourish unscathed, many Tongressman and Senatong because with The FOI surely they can liquidate too much Porky barrel, Now it’s the decision time for PNOY whose he will hear the people or the lawmaker clamor. No more tommorrow Public outrage is getting louder and louder there patient is already boiling to explode at anytime.

    2. juan dela cruz on

      Sen. Miriam, I have a question for you. Why are Corrupt Big Fishes like imelda who stole $$$B is still a free lance Thief? And three of them are gov’t. officials? What Pnoy adminstration is doing? Scared to these culprits?

    3. Any systems control and check and balance mechanisms to avoid graft and corruption and especially informing the public to check on the financial status of the country should be welcomed and implemented. However it is very important that we, the people, elect smart and bright legislatures who can make all these a reality. Electing actors, actresses, media people who are in the Senate and Lower House for self-serving reasons, makes it a business for profit, those brother and sister, brother and brother, father and son, dynastical intentions and who does not have the mental capacity to make these happen..

    4. I love/like this proposal of Senator Santiago. She should sponsor a Bill and signed into law by the President. If the President is really for transparency and for good governance, he should make it a priority bill to calm down the anger of the people and to avoid another EDSA. If the president has his ears on – another EDSA revolution is coming and the ultimate result – TO DRIVE HIM OUT OF MALACANANG.

      He did this to Chief Justice Corona. He has to do it for all -“come hell on high water”.