Public service as reason for being



Former ABS-CBN DZMM tele­radyo co-anchor Kaye Dacer told Caveat that there’s no truth to rumors and speculations that she was forced to resign because she was running her own broadcast network called 8Trimedia Pro, Inc.

She disclosed that out of delicadeza and due to conflict of interest she voluntarily turned in her resignation letter. She got her walking papers all right but over a fabulous and most heartfelt tribute and despedida from colleagues, superiors and staff. Add to that perhaps a fat separation fee accrued for over 20 years of service, which she abashedly sort of parried away.

Dubbed as Aksyon Lady of Philippine Broadcasting owing to her pro-people advocacy in helping marginalized listeners with their multifarious concerns including problems with inept government and private agencies, Kaye is now her own big boss as president of DZRJ 810 AM located in Quezon City.

As stipulated in her walking papers though, she should not be on board for a period of time, so she’s out of earshot for now. But public service must go on, according to her, adding that it will only be effective if people see her every day where they can sense the sincerity in her voice and face as well.

Serving the public through broadcasting is business as usual, open and more accessible than ever with A-list anchors coming from top networks joining in her advocacy – Rey Langit, Neil Ocampo, Gani Oro, Angelo Almonte, Joey Falcon, Miguel Gil, Jimmy Morato, Percy Lapid, Sir Tsip General Sammy Pagdilao, and Bernard Tan among others.

Kaye confessed to being virtually helpless in defending herself whenever she gets the raw end of the deal in her social transactions – big or small. She is not the kind who would resort to making use of her position to clear things out for all and sundry when aggrieved.

A classic case is the one involving her and the buyer of her mansion to the tune of P20 million. The buyer deliberately reneged on paying the remaining balance which totals to a few million pesos more.

The case is lying idly in court but she is helpless in bringing justice closer to home. Over and above, professional ethics dictate not to peddle whatever influence she can muster to her side or trying to taint the search for truth that she has sworn to uphold at all cost.

Meantime, the cliche “justice delayed is justice denied” is gnawing at her like anything. Ironically she seemed she has even gone through some lengths of imposing a gag on herself with nary a blink in the eye, even charging her act to Broadcast Ethics 101.

With all these, she’s more than happy in leading a broadcasting company to greater vision. She believes there is divine purpose in the overwhelming turn of events, putting much premium yet on public service as her network’s reason for being.


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