• Public warned of fake Ombudsman rulings


    THE Office of the Ombudsman is conducting an in-depth investigation into the circulation of sham rulings purportedly issued by the office.

    This came after two Camarines Norte local officials informed them of the matter.

    “The office warns the public of purported fake decisions or resolutions circulated by unscrupulous individuals. The Office of the Ombudsman recently discovered the existence of fake resolutions received by respondents in Camarines Norte which turned out to be spurious and non-existent,” Spokesperson Maria Janina Hidalgo of the Office of the Ombudsman said in a press briefing on Thursday.

    “In case of doubt, the public may validate or verify with the office the authenticity of any purported resolution or decision,” she said.

    Asked what the perceived reason was for the circulation of fake rulings, Hidalgo told reporters, “Well for one, we are aware of the fact that the elections are coming up soon and that is a possibility that we are looking into.”




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