Public warned vs extortionists using The Manila Times


THE MANILA TIMES management on Friday warned the public, including business establishments, not to fall victim to extortionists falsely claiming to be employees of the country’s oldest newspaper.

Dante “Klink” Ang 2nd, executive editor and president of The Manila Times, said he had received reports of extortionists calling and threatening private companies to pay money or else the paper will publish stories showing them in a bad light.

“This is alarming. The Manila Times, one of the country’s most reputable papers, will not allow its name to be used in criminal activities. We will bring this matter to authorities,” Ang said.

In one case, an extortionist threatened a private company that its alleged labor violations will be published in the paper if they did not pay cash, Ang said.

A complainant informed The Manila Times, that certain individuals who introduced themselves as “Marjorie Chua” and “Noel Villanueva” demanded an unspecified amount of money.

“It seems there was a scam. They threatened to expose in The Manila Times alleged violations of our company if we do not talk to a certain ‘Attorney Chua.’ The one who called introduced herself as Marjorie Chua, allegedly a layout artist of the newspaper. For sure, their intention was to extort,” said the complainant.

The private company’s operations manager, the complainant said, got a call from “Marjorie Chua” who said the company’s chief executive officer should talk to “Atty. Frederick Chua” as soon as possible.

“She (Marjorie) even transferred the call to a certain Noel Villanueva who introduced himself as head of The Manila Times,” the complainant added.

The callers used the landline number 434-3931.

Ang clarified that The Manila Times has no employees by the names of Marjorie Chua, Atty. Frederick Chua and Noel Villanueva.

Victims of extortionists using the name of The Manila Times may call (02)524-5664 local 117 or report the incident to the police.


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