Puerto Princesa unemployment rate shoots up


Unemployment rate in Puerto Princesa City is shooting up, the City Public Employment and Services Office (PESO) said on Wednesday.

City PESO head Aileen Cynthia Amurao said the increase in the unemployment rate, which started at the opening of 2013, is comparatively fast from 2012 when employment rate improved due to the opening of more jobs following the end of construction of a mall and several other establishments.

Amurao said this year, there are not enough constructions and investors are on a halt in coming in.

“Employment has to wait from happening because constructions are still ongoing. If there’s open hiring, that’s when we will see how much employment will be generated,” she said.

She explained, the increase in unemployment rate was also caused by the lean season that makes many tourism establishments stop hiring workers even on contractual basis, and worst, are not renewing contracts.

But Amurao said that although this is happening in the third quarter of the year, the City PESO is working hard to remedy this.

She said if work is not available in Puerto Princesa, they look for them abroad to provide opportunities to skilled residents who are willing to work.

She expressed expectation that at the end of the lean season, job hiring would reopen in the city.Included in this is the hope that when the new year is ushered in, more establishments will open, and will need employees to fill up positions. PNA


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  1. Who is the investor in his right mind would invest in a location where power supply is erratic?