Pulse: 89% of Filipinos remain hopeful for 2016


Despite having faced various challenges this year, 89 percent of Filipinos remain optimistic that the coming New Year would be a better one, results of a Pulse Asia survey showed.

Pulse Asia surveyed 1,800 registered voters who are 18 years old and above from December 4 to 11. The nationwide survey has a 2 percent margin of error at 95 percent confidence level.

The survey respondents were asked, “Will you face the coming year with/maybe with or without/without hope?”

A total of 89 percent answered “with hope” while 11 percent said they may face the new year “with or without hope,” while one percent said they will do so “without hope.”

Residents in Metro Manila (95 percent) are more hopeful about the year ahead than those in Luzon (89 percent), Visayas, (85 percent) and Mindanao (88 percent).

On the other hand, one percent of Filipinos said they will face the next 12 months without hope, while 11 percent expressed indecision on the matter, as they admit being unable to say whether they will face 2016 with or without hope.

Before the weeks leading to the fieldwork and during the survey period, local and international issues that dominated the headlines were: the filing of certificates of candidacy (COC) by candidates for various positions in the May 2016 elections, the Philippines’ hosting of the APEC summit, the tanim-bala or laglag-bala (bullet-planting) scam, the aftermath of Typhoon Lando and the increase in power rates of the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco).


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  1. We should all be hopeful for a New Administration different from the present.No more lip service from BSAquino and his LP Party.

  2. apolonio reyes on

    Filipinos are very optimistic and no need to survey every new year, the results will be always positive.
    I remember in 1973, when we transferred to Fairview, QC., there were only five residents in our subdivision and almost all were living in the nearby depressed area. We had a laundry woman who laundry for us for 3 times a week. A friend gave me a male and female pig so I asked her if she wants to take care of it and whatever piglets the pigs give birth, It will be divided 70% for her and 30% for us. After 8 months, the laundry woman said that the pig had 6 piglets. My wife went to see the piglets and she was surprised to see that her laundry woman had 12 children and 3 months pregnant. My wife said why don’t you do family planning but the woman said ” ito mga bata na lang ang namin kayamanan at pag-asa sa buhay. Malay nyo ho isa dyan ay maging artista gaya ni Rudy Fernandez o Erap Estrada”. Sa awa ng wife ko nang makita nya na halos lahat ng anak nila ay malnourish ay binigay na lang nya yuon lahat sa kanila”.
    Ganito ka optimistic ang Pilipino.

    • Replaced by another trapo that will allow the same 40 families to control the entire economy, the new government will continue to loot the treasury the same as every other government has done.

      That will never change as long as the justice system is subservient and incompetent.