• Punish abusive airport taxis, transport authorities urged


    A LAWMAKER on Sunday expressed serious concern over inability of airport and transportation authorities to put a stop to alleged abuses committed by airport taxis at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), or else risk making the country less attractive to tourists.

    Senator Juan Edgardo Angara, vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Tourism, cited stories circulating in the Internet of passengers who were either overcharged or duped by unscrupulous airport taxi drivers.

    “Our transportation and airport authorities should look into this matter seriously and resolve this right away or else, Philippine tourism will suffer,” said Angara, noting that airport taxis have been victimizing local and foreign tourists and even overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

    He also cited a recent Facebook post that has gone viral, involving a group that was allegedly quoted a fixed rate of P1,800 by an accredited airport taxi from NAIA Terminal 2 to their office in Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila).

    The group turned down the offer and instead joined a queue for a metered taxi, which charged them only P320 for the same distance.

    There was also an American who was quoted a bloated fare of P3,200 from the airport to Makati City.

    Airport taxis charge a P70-flag down rate and P4 for every 300 meters while regular taxis charge a flag down rate of P40 and P3.50 for every 300 meters.

    Angara is wondering why airport taxis are not afraid to offer padded figures to their passengers despite being aware that they might get in trouble.

    The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) currently has a total of 1,600 accredited airport taxis and vehicles for rent.

    The accreditation “aims to preempt the entry of inept, disreputable or ‘fly-by-night’ entities into the various businesses at the airport premises [that]may threaten, degrade or cheapen the quality of airport accommodation and services.”



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    1. We went through this our entire one month stay in the Philippines. It’s very discouraging as a tourist. In almost all countries we visit the banter with the taxi driver makes a fun ride but as soon as they try and rip us off the ride is uncomfortable and unpleasant. I had both taxi rides today try and get more money for the ride. The ride to the hotel was p138 after threatening to leave and on the way back we were told p500! I told the driver that they need to stop acting this way because this will be a major reason for tourists to stop visiting. Very frustrating!

    2. I have faced that same problem every time I come to the Philippines, not to mention all the private operators in you face long before you can even see a cab, and they want anywhere from $400.00 USD down to whatever they can get out of you, seldom less than 4000P just to go to Makati.

    3. japanese kuripot on

      many Japanese are complaining their monkey business. it was back to 2013 I took an airport taxi from T2 to Ermita they charged P1,470 and next morning I took a taxi from Ermita to T3 only P350 + P20 Skyway. I noticed they have many fare charts….for Japanese, European, American, balikbayan etc

    4. Dishonest airport taxi drivers should be easily caught by the authorities. Simply assign several undercover officers posing as tourists. I bet they can nab a good number of these crooks every day.

      The last time I took a taxi from my hotel in the Ortigas area to the airport, I was taken aback as soon as I boarded the taxi. It was air-conditioned alright, but it reeked of body odor.

      This taxi hoolsbaloo is bad enough, but I will bot be going back to the Philippines anytime soon. I just did not feel safe in Metro Manila anymore. Everyday I heard on tv news the high crime rate in the streets of Metro Manila.

      That’s a bummer.

      • Correction: hoolabaloo.

        Also why arent these dishonest airport taxi drivers being caught by the police?

        Do you think the police get a “cut” on the extra illegal earnings of these dishonest airport taxi drivers?


    5. If this not a syndicate then what do you call them? These taxi drivers are strong enough to their would be victim because they have the protection from the airport authorities. This is not a new situation. It has been operating a long time ago but the where are the airport authorities? Are they blind enough in spite of so many clamors being hurdled against them? Only in the Philippines….

    6. risk making the country less attractive to tourists

      It’s already less attractive to tourists, Neighboring countries do about 6 times more tourist business each than the Philippines. Given the mismanagement of the Aquino and his incompetent appointee’s the past 6 years, the raising crime rate, the increasing poverty, beggars stationed at the ATM’s and eateries, the failing mass transit, traffic jams, the corrupt bullet planters etc.

      The tourist business will not get better until the Philippines gets better. Going to take a long time to recover from Aquino.