Pure Nectar eyes100 more freezer locations


PURE Nectar, a cold-pressed juice brand, is set to install freezers in 100 more locations by the end of the year, a company official said.

“We’re not aggressive on the stores. We only have around 40. We have now 160 locations of the freezer; the 40, [they are]both Fruit Magic and Pure Nectar. We will be installing by the end of the year around 100 more locations–freezer only,” Alan Escalona, president and chief executive of Pure Nectar said.

“We have 35 products so far; there’s mixed, pure vegetable, pure fruit, vegetable and fruit combined, also have cashew nuts. The shelf life about 10 to 14 days–under special refregirator,” Escalona added.

The company started two years ago, but they started franchising in 2016.

“We partner with brands Potato Corner, Salad Stop. We provide the juice, the beverage for them. We still franchise the freezer. We provide you all the drinks, all the collaterals,” Escalona added.

He said that Pure Nectar prices start from P50 to P220, depending on what kind. “We have cane with calamansi–that’s P60. But these are all no preservatives, no sugar.”

Escalona, who is constantly studying the business, searched for better technologies and methods for juicing fruits and vegetables. And he found the gem of the juicing world–the cold-press machine, which would take over the traditional centrifugal juicing altogether.

He said that slow and cold-pressing uses 14,000 lbs of pressure to extract all the flavor, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes from the produce.

Cold-pressed juice is be pressed immediately after harvest, leaving no time for it to become stale in stores.

Escalona also said that Pure Nectar uses a method called ozonizing, which cleanses and purifies produce safely, without compromising nutrient content.


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