• Purisima dismissed



    Anomalous courier contract did resigned PNP chief in

    RESIGNED Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General Alan Purisima was formally dismissed from the police service for his involvement in an anomalous courier service contract in 2011.

    Ten other police officials, including Chief Supt. Raul Petrasanta — whom Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. had endorsed to become the next PNP chief – were also included in a decision handed down on Tuesday by the Office of the Ombudsman.

    In the 50-page consolidated decision, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales found substantial evidence to hold Purisima liable for grave misconduct, serious dishonesty and grave abuse of authority.

    “Evidence shows not only that Purisima knew what he was doing in signing the [Director Gil] Meneses’ memorandum but that he himself exerted pressure and coercion over his subordinates on behalf of Werfast [Documentary Agency],” the decision read.

    Aside from dismissal from the service, other penalties include forfeiture of retirement benefits, cancellation of eligibility, bar from taking civil service examinations and perpetual disqualification from reemployment in government service.

    Aside from Purisima and Petransanta, also ordered out of the police service were: Chief Supt. Napoleon Estilles, Senior Supt. Allan Parreño, Senior Supt. Eduardo Acierto, Senior Supt. Melchor Reyes, Supt. Lenbell Fabia, Chief Insp. Sonia Calixto, Chief Insp. Nelson Bautista, Chief Insp. Ricardo Zapata Jr. and Senior Insp. Ford Tuazon.

    The case stemmed from two complaints filed by Glenn Gerard Ricafranca and the Fact­ Finding Investigation Bureau of the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for the Military and Other Law Enforcement Offices (FFIB­MOLEO) regarding the engagement and accreditation of Werfast as the provider of courier services for renewed firearms licenses.

    Petrasanta was chief of the Firearms and Explosives Office at the time.

    The case prompted the Ombudsman to order the preventive suspension of Purisima last December.

    Purisima resigned as PNP chief after he was tagged as having participated in the planning of the botched Mamasapano operation in January despite having been suspended.


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    1. If it had not taken 4 years for the courts to issue a ruling the SAF 44 might still be alive if Purisima had been dismissed years ago for being corrupt.

    2. Not yet time to celebrate. Purisima et. al can still ask for reconsideration/reinvestigation and if not successful go to Supreme Court. The problem with the decisions of the Ombudsman you do not know which one is real and which one is politics-related. The timing is suspect if Binay suspension is taken into account. At any rate if genuine and criminal cases are filed with the Sandiganbayan immediately then the Ombudsman deserves CONGRATULATIONS for job well done.

    3. what about the filing of criminal charges against these relieved top cops? including werfast owners! suspension is best corroborated with prosecution. Ombudsman morales is a gutsy lady. show us more!

    4. munizki swavurzki on

      Please let me commend the Ombudsman for an excellent job, how I wish the effort could be done at 2,000% times more!

    5. good job pnoy….opssss hindi pala..the real reason kaya lang naman sinibak na si purisima para di na ma pag usapan ang mga ka palpakan nya together with pnoy sa darating na election…..oo nga naman parang may justice talaga kse sinibak na yung nag kamali….yun pala may pa rating kse na election at malaking ka siraan si purisima kaya sibakin na lang para tapos na ang issue at wala ng kailangan i paliwanag come 2016 election…at para nga naman ma sabi na di lang puro kalaban ang mga pinag iinitan….ay naku sino lolokohin nyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    6. This is the first action taken against a yellow gang member. Or maybe I am mistaken. Maybe pals of Aquino are not included in the yellow gang.

    7. This is a glorious piece of news for the country. Of course, there is no other way for ex PNP Chief Purisima but out. It is a cause for jubilation to know that he will not retire at our expense, meaning, at our financial support. I hope there will be more punitive actions taken by the Ombudsman, like forfeiture of his assets and whatever monies he has stashed away. There should be sufficient “karma” going his way.

    8. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

      If it is true. So be it. We should always remember our Solemn Obligations whether we walk in the dark or under the light. SMB.

    9. What now? Gen Purosama. Enjoy your retirement I am sure the Abnoy will look after you, and when he goes to jail, you can be his body guard and protector.