• Purisima readies DOF handover to Dominguez


    Cites essential attributes of a successful DOF chief

     Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima

    Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima

    Outgoing Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary Cesar Purisima said he will personally ensure a smooth transition of the agency’s leadership to newly named Finance chief Carlos Dominguez.

    He said he is preparing a transition document that will inform the new Finance team about the status of the agency’s priorities and projects.

    “We take transitioning seriously and view it as an integral part of organizational development. We want to ensure the new team has all the means and resources to succeed on day one. My team is coordinating with his [Dominguez’s] in order to work with depth over the next month on a smooth transition,” Purisima said.

    Purisima cited a few essential things the DOF chief must possess to succeed in his job: the President’s ear; courage to stand firm in what he believes is sound advice even in the face of opposing political tides; an understanding of and appreciation for good governance; and lastly, an understanding of how business works and the economic landscape he will be navigating.

    “Mr. Dominguez has all three,” Purisima said.

    He expressed confidence the next Administration’s economic team will be ready to sustain and improve on the gains made over the past six years with an even-keeled leadership under Dominguez after June 30.

    “After speaking on the phone to congratulate Mr. Dominguez last Thursday, he and I met the next day to begin the transition process. Mr. Dominguez is an esteemed businessman and public servant with a lengthy record of excellence,” Purisima said.

    Manual of institutional knowledge
    The transition document will detail the state of progress across the department’s various clusters and result areas, including revenue, liability management, privatization, government-owned and -controlled corporations, and corporate affairs.

    The DOF also said it is preparing a Manual of Institutional Knowledge to pass on to the next Administration.

    To be finished by the end of June, the transition manual will contain four volumes of documented learnings in the Finance Department over the past six years of the Aquino Administration–best practices from the DOF Institute, assessments of what could have gone better, and recommendations moving forward, it said.

    The Manual also codifies 200 processes and approval protocols, with templates of completed staff work and style guides, Purisima said.

    Following a rationalization process on the DOF’s issuances, including 4,300 department orders since 1958, the agency said it will also pass on a simplified body of issuances for improved institutional coherence and ease of enforcement.

    The DOF also noted that it is completing upgrades and renovation works on the fifth and sixth floors of its office building, as well as the roofdeck of its headquarters, to afford the new team an enhanced working environment.

    “We extend our best wishes of success and look forward to officially passing the baton on June 30,” Purisima concluded.


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