Purisima not telling the whole truth – Poe

 PNP chief Alan Purisima.  PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

PNP chief Alan Purisima. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima finally surfaced at the Senate on Tuesday but he failed to convince senators that there was nothing irregular in his acquisition of a four-hectare property in Nueva Ecija or in the declarations he made in his Statement of Assets Liabilities and Networth (Saln).
Purisima also said he will not step down.

Speaking during the hearing called by the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drug, Purisima admitted that he owns the controversial rest house in San Leonardo Nueva Ecija. He said he acquired the 4.7-hectare property in 1998 for P150,000.

According to him, the construction of the house with a floor area of 240 square meters started in 2002. The house was declared in his SALN with a fair market value of P3,750,000.

But Sen. Grace Poe, who chairs the committee, said the house could cost more.

“I’m not convince that he is telling the truth entirely or he is revealing the entire truth. Maybe there is partial truth but not the entire truth,” Poe told reporters after the hearing.

During the hearing, Poe asked Purisima how he and his wife managed to pay for the construction of the house when their joint monthly income was only a little over P100,000.

Purisima explained that the house was built “little by little” and that they used their savings in the construction of the house.

The PNP chief also failed to give details about his trucking business.

Purisima declared a networth of P17.2 million in his SALN. He listed four houses in Caloocan City and Nueva Ejica and a condominium unit in Cubao Quezon City. He also owns a lot in Ilocos Sur but he provided no details.

The chief PNP also owns a total of five vehicles—Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Hi-Lux, Toyota Innova, and Hyundai Starex and various types of heavy equipment.

As to the “White House” controversy, Purisima said three donors shouldered the construction of a new structure in Camp Crame, the national headquarters of the police force.

Based on the “Absolute Deed of Donation” presented by Purisima, the donors were Carlos Gonzales of ULTICON Builders, lawyer Alexander Lopez of Pacific Concrete Corporation, and Christopher Pastrana of CAPP Industries.

When asked why the deed was signed only on September 3, 2014, the PNP chief said he ordered the drafting of the deed only recently because the donors wanted to remain anonymous.

Poe said Purisima should have followed the process in dealing with donations to avoid suspicion on the intent of the donors.

She added that the PNP chief should have asked the donors to improve the PNP general instead.

“The chief PNP gave more priority to the construction of the white house instead of the health of the police officers,” Poe said.

The committee also tackled other controversies hounding the PNP chief the issuance of gun license, worsening criminality, competence and integrity of the institution. But these were dismissed by Purisima, who said they were part of a demolition job by his critics.

He admitted though that the police force is far from perfect.

“I do not deny that your national police force is a work in progress, your PNP needs to undergo a transformation process to chip away its imperfections and shape its character to become the ideal law enforcement organization that will deserve the utmost respect of the people it serves and protects,” he said.


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  1. The Philippines especially this time ” to refuse an offer is an insult to the giver but to accept is worst.” A biblical passage of what you sow you reap is common in the Philippines that’s the reason everybody is affected. People nowadays no longer wait of what favor they will received from the people they extended their service, most of them makes the demand. In some bureaus and departments though there are legal fees collected in securing certified copies or clearances, there is some conditions and reasons for the delay, telling you to come back after two days because their office is computerized so it takes sometime so to remind the office worker in facilitating the document, the visiting person gives money to facilitate said paper then the servicing worker oftentimes will say you can wait on this or just come back this afternoon.

  2. I believe and trust PNP Chief Alan Purisima. If he can show proof of purchase of those lots and vehicles, and business undertakings from a very humble initial capital, and from times past, he was able to manage, earns profit from it and have everything through hard work and patient labor, why not? – is that not a good example of better person?

    Otherwise, his name won’t be purisima but instead santisima!

  3. why don’t they investigate those donors too, if they really have the capability and if yes are they paying their taxes correctly?

  4. Purisima is too greedy to refuse all the “suhol” or donations, I am sure he is aware what will happen after he accepted all that suhol and he is ready to return the favor.The donors were construction companies so they are after for the forthcoming projects of the PNP and for the company selling cars in Pampangga, of course he has lots of papers he can ask from Purisima related to his car selling business.

  5. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    The moment donations, gifts, discounts, are given by private individuals, private companies, contractors and suppliers, there is always a question of their intentions or reasons for these donations.
    1. Their intention is honrable.
    2. They are trying to be in the favor of the person in authority.
    3. They were coerced in giving the said donation.
    This always leads to a question of whether there was a corruption that took place,or influence peddling.
    To avoid corruption, there must be a Law that government officials, offices, must not accept donations, gifts, discounts, or favors from individuals, companies, contractors,or suppliers.
    The acceptance of donations and gifts, discounts or favors makes the official beholden to the donor.
    Gifts from foreign dignitaries to the government office, (not to the individual officer) is acceptable.
    A campaign for donation for victims of natural calmities organized by civic group is acceptable because the recipients are victims of calamities. These should be defferentiated from un solicited donations.

    • Victor Manglapus on

      There are already laws regarding gifts and donations.
      Republic Act No. 3019. Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.
      Republic Act No. 6713. Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.
      Presidential Decree No. 46. Making it punishable for public officials and employees to receive, and for private persons to give, gifts on any occasion, including Christmas.

    • Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      It seems that the chief of the PNP does not know this law, or he is ignoring it.

  6. Sabi ni Ping Lacson, dating PNP Chief nuon panahon ni dating Pres. Estrada na” Following the leaders ” lang yan. Si Pnoy bumili ng PORCHE 911 sa malaking discount daw pero nuon binatikos sya ng media ay binenta daw nya, pwede na di ba?. Si Purisima naman ay nabigyan din ng 60% discount ng Toyota dealer ng Pampanga ng 60% discount, bakit di naman nya ito susungaban, ano bakli ba sya? Isang dating PNP Chief ay nag maymay-ari ng isang malaking trucking company, bakit di naman ito pwede kay Purisima na mag may ari ng trucking, poultry at rock crushing companies? di ba Following the leaders lang?
    Sabi nga ni Vice Mayor Isko na mga heneral ang tumatawag sa kanila na itigil na ang TRUCK BAN sa Manila kaya wala silang magawa ni Erap kundi sumunod, di ba Isko?

  7. Poe said his not telling the whole truth who does anyway. Lets do this check all their Dollar account and you will figure out whose who. I bet YA! you will find the lesser evil.
    Who want to trow the first stone. Philippines is a country corruption did not just pop-out from nowhere, it was inherited since the beginning of timed from the spaniard to the chinese and to other nationalities. If you are good in your history, you will discovered that the country are dominated by the chinese, one big reason of corruption.

  8. Why would these people and/or companies donate to the PNP chief? DONATE OR BRIBE. Donate for what? people only donate to charities not to a wealthy, well-connected and gainfully employed individual.

  9. Arch. Lito L. Mallonga on

    The residence of the head of the PNP at Camp Crame is not bad at all.
    Gen. Purisma will retire anyway and who ever will takes his place will stay
    here anyway and after him.

    My cousin Lt. Gen. Geary Barias when he was the Camp Commander at
    Camp Crame when i was in the Philippines ask me if i can help design the
    building for those PNP officers , man and woman who can not afford to stay
    in Metro Manila coming from the different provinces who can not afford due to the cost of staying in a hotel. This has access to handicapped and I am sure they still have those files of drawings that I did at Camp Crame.

    When ever i go down from Baguio City to do transaction in Metro Manila including
    helping them aty Camp Crame on what are needed requirements on this building I
    stay in one of the units that provide for anybody doing business in the Camp. This \are not free, but reasonable with Air condition being provided. But ordinary PNP
    officials and man won’t be able to afford it.

    I hope they should consider build this structure as it is very important to all
    our PNP who are to report to Camp Crame.

    I know too well about my cousin Gen. Barias. he is not a corrupt person at
    all. Just too much politics in our country.