• If Purisima’s got ‘delicadeza,’ he will quit PNP–lawmaker


    DELICADEZA (sense of propriety) is all that stands between Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima and his resignation as PNP head.

    “A resignation will be (Purisima’s) personal decision because we have different levels of delicadeza. We cannot impose it. The appointment of the PNP chief is a prerogative of the President, as provided by law. That only means he (Purisima) has the trust and confidence of (President Benigno Aquino 3rd) ,” Rep. Romeo Acop of Antipolo City (Rizal) said in a news conference on Monday.

    Acop, a member of the ruling Liberal Party headed by the President, made the statements even as Aquino continues to draw flak for not firing Purisima despite plunder and graft complaints that the PNP chief is facing.

    The Office of the Ombudsman in December 2014 slapped a six-month preventive suspension on Purisima for allegedly misusing gun owners’ courier fees.

    Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina has since been appointed officer-in-charge of the PNP.

    Acop, a retired police brigadier general, said that even without Purisima at the helm, the PNP should remain focused on doing its job.

    “The real test on whether the PNP is up to the task is how it would handle the papal visit and the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in November (this year in Manila),” he added.

    Pope Francis will visit the Philippines from January 15 to 19.


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    1. vagoneto rieles on

      General Purisima’s relief is not up to Purisima himself, nor to his ‘level of ‘delicadeza’, (of which he has none). His relief is up to the President, who might, still, have some of this rare, (nowadays) commodity. What is not up for conjecture is the graft, corruption and real crime that runs rampant in and among the PNP’s ranks..from the Generals down to the buck-privates. The periodic news reports on crime are testimony to this. What is beyond doubt, as well, is the paralyzing demoralization of those in the PNP who remain honest and true to the ‘service’. Will the President insist in his ‘utang na loob’ to Purisima for his service to his mother when she was President..at the expense of the PNP’s uselessness?