• Purisima’s legal troubles pile up


    Graft, estafa charges filed against pnp chief

    LESS than a week after he was suspended by the Office of the Ombudsman over an allegedly anomalous courier contract with a private company, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima was slapped with more criminal charges on Tuesday, this time over his allegedly questionable acquisition of a 9.5-hectare property in Batangas province.

    The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) and a private complainant filed the complaint on Tuesday before the Office of the Ombudsman against Purisima and his wife Ramona.

    Complainant Jose Teddie del Rosario asked the Ombudsman to file charges against the PNP chief for violation of the Anti-Graft Law, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees and estafa through falsification of public documents.

    He said administrative charges should also be slapped against Purisima for dishonesty and grave misconduct.

    VACC founding chairman Dante Jimenez told reporters that del Rosario sought help from his group to execute an affidavit and submit it to the anti-graft office because he feared for his life.

    Del Rosario is one of the attorneys-in-fact of the surviving heirs of Crisanta Malabanan, who owned the 95,504 square meters of land in Barangay Caloocan, Talisay in Batangas.

    “We accidentally discovered that the said parcel of land has been illicitly, illegally and unlawfully transferred, registered and subdivided on May 25, 2007 by and under the names Alan La Madrid Purisima and Oscarlito Paulino Mapalo,” del Rosario said in his complaint.

    Mapalo, according to Del Rosario, is a retired general.

    Del Rosario said the registered owners of the property—Crisanta Malabanan and other surviving heirs, their assigns and/or Attorney-in-Fact—“never sold or transferred the property” to Purisima and Mapalo or to any other person or entity. Neither did they execute any document assigning, selling, ceding or transferring the piece of land to Purisima or to any other person.

    “This is a clear case of estafa, falsification of public documents, landgrabbing, among others,” the complainant said.

    Attached to the complaint was a tax declaration of real property effective 2007 (which stated the market value of the property as P8.25 million and its assessed value about P495,000).

    Purisima and his wife Ramona also did not disclose or include the property in any of their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), del Rosario said, “an evidence that they have illegally, anomalously, irregularly and even criminally acquired and accumulated the property.”

    Purisima had denied owning the property in Batangas.

    In September, the VACC filed a complaint against Purisima,accusing him of plunder, graft, breach of conduct over construction of the so-called “White House” the funding of which, they alleged, may have come from a private entity and constitutes indirect bribery.

    The group also accused Purisima of undervaluing his house and lot in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija.

    Del Rosario also sought the preventive suspension of Purisima.

    On his own
    Malacañang also on Tuesday said Purisima, a close friend of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, is on his own.

    “He has already made known his intention to avail of the legal remedies that are available to him. So, we will let him deal with his situation as he knows best,” Palace deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said.

    Valte added that Purisima can take whatever legal avenues he wishes, noting that it is “always a choice of the person who is subject of the suspension order whether to go to a higher body to question the suspension or whether to accept it.”

    “What he has chosen to do, we will leave it up to him,” she said.

    Last week, Purisima was slapped with a six-month suspension without pay by the Office of the Ombudsman for his alleged involvement in the allegedly illegal courier deal with WERFAST Documentary Agency in 2011. The PNP chief had said he will appeal the Ombudsman’s decision suspending him and other PNP officials.

    Valte said the President is yet to appoint an officer-in-charge of the PNP.

    “They are discussing kung sino ‘yung nagiging OIC ngayon. For the rest of the six months, should any legal actions not be effective, we will have to wait for further instructions,” she said.

    Jimenez also welcomed Purisima’s suspension and added that it would be better if the police chief resigned.

    “At least e hindi na magagamit ung opisina niya na mang-harass at mabura siguro mga ebidensiya and I think it’s better for him to resign and focus on these complaints,” he told reporters.


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    1. Akala ko ba corruption fighter si Aquino, may tiwala siya kay Purisima,
      bukod sa sangkatutak ang crime sa Pinas, kasama na ang mga ibang pulls grabe pala itong Purisima na ito. Pareho lang silang lahat ng yellow tards .
      Sana makulong silang lahat na corrupt.

    2. Pnoy, did you ever think that sometimes you make mistakes in discerning correctly the moral stature your appointees? Some of them are already covered in dirt and you are still trying to keep them. Is their friendship to them more important than your true bosses which you pledge to serve? Among them are Abad (the architect of DAP), Purisima, Alcala, the LP tongressmen/senators tainted with DAP.
      Your bullheadedness and your indebtedness to favored few has been repeatedly abused to the detriment of the Filipino people. Tama na po at gumising na kayo!

    3. kung may delicadeza siya, he should resign to his position and face the court to clear his name..
      this is the right option.. hindi iyong kung ano anoo pang dahilan na manggaling sa malacanang.
      malacanang shall ask him to resign……. period…

    4. Wake-up Pnoy kailangang aksiyunan muna ito Ombudsman na ang nagpapasuspinde kay Chief Purisima hindi na ito tsismis o panghaharas lang ng political opposition actually dito nasisira ang kredibilidad mo sa pagtatanggol sa mga miembro ng pamahalaan na makakapal ang mukha at kapit tuko sa kanilang mga appointed position kahit may bahid na ang kanilang intigridad at kredibilidad sa paglilingkod sa taong bayan….kalimutan muna natin ang mga pinagsamahan at utang na loob unahin natin ang interes at kapakanan ng ating Inang bayan. Isa ako sa masugit mong taga suporta sa iyong “matuwid na daan” subalit hindi ako sumasangayon sa pagkunsinti mo sa mga ganitong klase ng miembro ng iyong administrasyon, ang isang ejemplo na ditto ay si Chief Purisima. Sa 2 taong nalalabi pa Mr. President (Pnoy) makababawi ka pa sa integridad at kredibilidad na nawala sa iyo dahil sa ganitong klaseng mga miembro mo sa pamahalaan at sa pag aatubili mo na sibakin agad ang ganitong klase ng mga personalidad….act decisively, sibakin agad ang ganitong mga klase, they are not indispensable.

    5. Good for him, sana wag syang saluhin ng amo nyang vindictive sa mga kalaban sa pulitika at all out naman sa proteksyon pag kaalyado nya sa kalokohan.

    6. Purisima’s order of suspension is not a question of whether it is executory or not or there is still proper appeal process . The issue here is the propriety of whether Purisima has the integrity to hold the top PNP post as a sensitive job related to Pnoy’s “matuwid na daan” anti-corruption policy. The Order presupposes the existence of “probable cause” which makes the accusation of graft and corruption vs Purisima indictable, and hence, tarnishes the name of Purisima as PNP head, and, as such, makes him fall under Pnoys anti-corruption policy. It being so, Purisima must not only be suspended but must be FIRED for transgression of anti-graft policy of Pnoy. Simultaneously, the criminal case before the Ombudsman must continue and he must be prosecuted as ordinary violator of the law. PNP being under the DILG, Mar Roxas must make a hard decision to fire Purisima (not just suspend him) in line with Pnoy’s above policy. Roxas decision may clash against Pnoy personal take due to his closeness towards Purisima but this is good and will boast the image of Roxas since he is continuing the official policy of Pnoy although at the expense of personal relationship with Purisima, which can be sacrificed for the good of the party (LP) and the candidacy of Roxas. This will show the public that Roxas has the guts and will to make his own principle of independent-mindedness and his own man and not subservient to Aquino’s personal whims and caprices. Roxas must not defend Purisima that he is presumed innocent and still has the right to appeal, which is not the issue, but the transparency and integrity to govern the PNP, after all there is a “probable cause” indicating possible guilt!