• Purisima’s Prado could land him in jail


    Philippine National Police Chief Alan Purisima’s statement in the Senate hearing the other day, recorded by network news, that he had bought his brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser “Prado” for P1.5 million, could land him in jail – if we had a real rule of law, that is.

    He claimed the car dealer from San Fernando, Pampanga gave him a huge discount, that he paid only that much. But that kind of top-of-the-line SUV, according to Toyota Philippines’ published prices, costs P4.5 million.

    That’s hardly a discount: the dealer lost P3 million in selling Purisima his SUV for P1.5 million? In effect, that would mean the dealer was willing to forego his net profit along with part of the acquisition cost of the car so that the PNP Chief could enjoy a Prado, as he obviously wasn’t contented with his other four cars, including another Toyota, a P3.2 million Alphard.

    I hope Senator Grace Poe, who extracted the statement out of Purisima, proves that she isn’t just trying to improve her popularity ratings by having these hearings, but follows through her discovery, pursuing the next steps and questions, which I highly suspect would mean an open-and-shut case of violation of our anti-graft laws.

    Get Purisima to reveal the name of the San Fernando car dealer, if he exists, and require him to submit documents – the deed of sale and LTO registration for his purchase of the Prado, and ask him in the hearing why he effectively gifted the country’s top law enforcer with millions of pesos in discount.

    They like nice cars: Above, Aquino with his Porsche Carrera in 2011 which he bought and sold at P4.5 million. Below, his PNP Chief Purisima, with the Prado he said he bought for P1.5 million.

    They like nice cars, but steeply discounted: Above, Aquino with his Porsche Carrera in 2011 which he bought and sold at P4.5 million. Below, his PNP Chief Purisima, with the Prado he said he bought for P1.5 million.

    In testifying in the Senate that he bought the car for only that much, and the car dealer was so kind to give him a P3 million discount, Purisima is telling its members and us that we are so stupid to be fooled easily.

    A real investigation into Purisima’s Prado, however, could lead to two different accounts of what really happened:

    One, Purisima was forced to claim the P1.5 million figure as it was the price he reported in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities, and had wanted to reduce his net worth. If the Prado’s Deed of Sale showed he actually bought it for its current price of P4.5 million, he’s liable for falsifying his SALN.

    Second, the Prado was a gift, a bribe for services Purisima gave to the “car dealer” or from whomever he got it. Why else would the car dealer in effect give him P3 million? Oafishly though, he thought he could cover up the bribe, the ownership of the Prado, by reporting in his SALN that he bought it for only P1.5 million. Not in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would be required to tell that lie in a Senate hearing.

    I cant’ remember any recent case (except for that of the Chief Justice, which was, however, a persecution to drive him out of office) in which the wealth of a high official was disclosed in some detail in the Senate, which so far mainly are as follows:

    • A 4.7-hectare property in Nueva Ecija, on which is built a huge mansion with a swimming pool;

    • Three houses and lots in Caloocan City, a lot in Ilocos Sur province and a condominium unit in Cubao; and

    • Other than the Prado, Toyota Hi Lux, a Starex, a Toyota Innova, a Toyota Alphard, a backhoe, and two loaders.

    All these he acquired on his salary averaging P100,000 monthly and that of his wife of about P30,000.

    Yet, President Aquino’s spokesman defends him as being on “a high moral ground,” and our senators, despite the grilling of Purisima, have not asked the Ombudsman to file a graft case against him, and for Aquino to ask him to go on leave while the case is being investigated.

    Records of the Sandiganbayan are replete with accounts of town officials and petty bureaucrats being convicted of having accepted such small bribes, in one case just P5,000 in cash.

    In Purisima’s case, the Senate has been, by accident, given the necessary information to pursue a major case of corruption, through which it can send the message to the nation that if this Administration has defaulted on its anti-graft campaign, the Senate wouldn’t shirk back in pursuing an obvious case of graft.

    I wonder though, if the Senate was just a bit more independent in 2011, it could have required President Aquino to disclose the deeds of sale for his purchase of a Porsche 911 Carrera and then his disposal of it a few months later because of public outrage.

    If there had been a Grace Poe asking Aquino about that purchase, the senator would have also asked the President how he could buy at P4.5 million a high-end sports car known to aficionados as worth P15 million. I bet Aquino would have also claimed, as Purisima would on his Prado, that he was given a huge discount.



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    1. If Purisima’s Prado was not in his SALN, he can be dismissed, lost his pension and opportunity to be employed again in the government. His ill- gotten wealth can also be confiscated by the government. PNoy cannot defend him, since he will be treated like Corona.

    2. Grabe na ang corruption sa pinas..in my observation sa pinas, MONEY is the most powerful tools..panay charges/investigations wala naman nangyayari..like the massacre, AFP pabuya,pork barrel,Senators, ngayon namn Binay case, Purisima, Pnoy personal life..walang convictions at wala rin makukulong dahil may pera sila..si CJ Corona na railroad ang kaso dahil nabigyan mga senators ng million pesos para tapusin agad ang kaso..ano naman kaya ang big headlines sa 2015 at lahat ng issues noon 2014, ilalagay na lang sa archives ng pinas….sa totoo lang, madaling makalimot
      ang pinoy…ano na nangyari sa mga donations sa YOLANDA typhoon??? wala na…
      tumahimik na lang, life is too short, enjoy it and thank God when we wake up in the morning we are still alive…save your energy…

    3. magandang oras sa iyong lahat mga kababayan,sa totoo lahat kayo magagaling ,magaganda ang mga kumento ninyo dito,naabot ako ng madaling araw na nagbasa sa lahat ng kumento nyo.okey wala akong masabi pero may maidagdag lang ako sana kong pwede lang bakit di tayo makakaisa para mawala na yong ulo ng mga kurakot ? at dapat alisin yong VAT na yan kc yan lang ang nagpapahirap sa mga taong mamamayan. Sa totoo lang isa rin biktima ang barangay namin millones ang pundo yong river control namin pero wala pang bagyo tumba na agad yong proyekto nila? kaya hanggang baba may kurakot na ….sana bigyan pansin ang mga kagaya namin maliliit .kawawa mga kabataan …mga ulo sana ang ulidan ng kabataan para gumawa ng kabutihan pero saan sila ngayon? ano na ang ginagawa ng mga namumuno sa ating bansa? gising na kababayan panahon na para mawala na ang ulo ng mga abusadong KURAKOT NA OFFICIAL.

    4. Bert Quibuyen on

      Gen. Allan Purisima does not deserve his name. From now on, he is Gen. ALANG PURI to me.

    5. Could it be that Bong Pineda paid for the “discount” of the said vehicle? Pineda is the husband of Gov. Lilia Pineda,Bong being one the jueteng lords also happens to be originally from San Leonardo where Purisima “bought” his holiday house.

    6. Hoy mga Manila Times reporters, Biernes na at ang mga ibang pahayagan ay naguumapaw sa BINAY CORRUPTION headlines. Kailan kayo magreport sa kakurapan ng mga BINAYS. Malaki ba ang iBINAYad sa inyo. Walang wala kayong binabaggit tungkol sa mga BINAYS na interesado ang mga Pinoys na pakingan sa inyo. This is the reason why a lot of readers go for Inquirer and Philstar. Malugi sana kayong mag Manila Times. Masyado kayong subjective sa mga reports ninyo.

    7. Good people in government has a pauper’s burial and ends in the ground. However, Bad people in the government get to go everywhere! Don’t get jealous dahil kanyang diskarte iyan tulad ninyo puro gimick pero ala naman kayong nahihita kundi man-gulo at mag-instigate raising doubt to the ignant citizens.

    8. Nowadays in the Philippines it would be hard to run after people who are corrupt because corruption becomes the standard even our Government officials are already in it, before they were elected to office, they accept donations from different sources from businessmen especially those engaged in illegal activities like gambling syndicates, smugglers, and even from drug suppliers & etc. It is a general knowledge that illegal drugs enters in the country but no original sources got caught only the users and sellers.As if there are more birds of the same feathers in our country now. Our politicians also uses their money in their campaign as an investments because when they won, it is easy for them to recover from many sources. Ordinary people, and the poor people are sacrificing & just try finding ways to survive so some of them dance with the music by doing things illegal. With so many poor people in our country, so it is hard to prevent criminality that it even contaminates in society, even with the guardian of the law, their salaries is not enough makes the situation a social disease because most people in the gov’t no longer set a good example for the people to follow. We have to act now. Hoping for good changes in our country. While we breath we hope. Good men in gov’t. we are with you.

    9. pagibig mutya perez on

      The President should stop defending Purisima right away, He has better things to do for his country than be kind to this man. So many Filipinos are going hungry, so many are poor, homeless and penniless and they deserve his attention.

    10. BEing in politics is a big multimillion business. There is no denying to the fact that every candidate has to spend millions of pesos to serve the people? Tell that to the marines.

    11. westphilippines on

      Magaganda ang mga talumpati at mga pahayag ng mga namumuno sa atin nguni’t taliwas ang nakikita sa kanilang mga gawain at pamumuhay. Maraming kabuhayan at kayamanan na hindi maipaliwanag at hindi naaayon sa pangkaraniwang kaisipan at pamamaraan sa maayos na paninilbihan sa taongbayan! Ang tuwid na daan ni PNoy ay isang malalim na palaisipan na nagbibigay ng agam-agam sa bawa’t isang Juan de la Cruz kung ano ang tunay na layunin at kahulugan ng tuwid na daan!

    12. Very interesting. Corrupt officials like BS Aquino and Purisima are so fond of acquiring white-colored cars…while they live a truly black (corrupted) existence!!!

    13. Dear Mr. R. Tiglao,
      There is this pinoy website where most of the pinoys here in America can give their thoughts about the current situation of the country. But some of them are OFWs working in Middle East, and there are still some coming from our very own Pinas who dish out their commentaries. The name of the website is PHILNEWS.COM, and I don’t know if you have come across of this website / forum. I am one of the regulars who writes about my opinion of our beloved country. The format of a commentary is that you write it inside a rectangular box, should be not more than 800 characters or else you have to shorten it. I have been writing there in that forum since 2004. But lately, because of my being critic of PNoy regime and its corruptions my commentaries do not see being printed anymore. It only prints those commentaries that are “friendly” to Aquino, especially those writers singing praises & halleluyahs. This website dishes out its editorial (mostly pro-Aquino rhetorics and singing halleluyahs to the current regime) twice a week most of the time. Needless to say its editor does not write a theme (editorial) which are adverse or antagonistic to PNoy (e.g. Hacienda Luisita, Luneta hostage bungling, Pnoy;s defiance of the rule of law, fake ‘Tuwid na Daan’, DAP/-PDAF, & lately scalawags in police uniform & Purisima). My freedom of expression is being curtailed and trampled upon by this forum website. I repeat the forum is philnews.com. It seems to me this forum is part of the Yellow Army / Yellow Media, being paid by friends of Yellow Media, if not by Aquino himself to disseminate lies and propaganda, with the agenda of giving Aquino another term & protection of Aquino allies facing possible graft cases. Mr. Tiglao, and all those concerned for truth and justice in our country PLS COMMENT on this! Many thanks.

    14. Being a policeman is becoming a lucrative profession provided you have the right connections. I still remember the bad policemen in our town who are involved is any many “tong” activities, all of them have a semi stainless owner type jeep even their salary cannot afford to even have a motorcycle. This is for an ordinary SPO# police, just imagine if they are already generals, this owner type jeep will become a Prado and an Alphard, but their houses are still simple ( according to Purisima). The only requirement before you can be accepted in this police course is , he/she should have a very, very clean conscience.

    15. I will show you corruption that happened during the trial of chief justice corona, wasnt he given free legal representation by his lawyers, what do you think that constitutes. Did they do that because they like him. Look how many people they had on their teams, were they expecting help from him should they win. Im telling you that was corruption in practice right under all of your noses & no one notticed or mentioned it at all.

      • You’re wrong, the probono lawyers of cj corona done it for exposure purposes so that big and moneyed clients will notice their legal abilities and expertise. See, that lady lawyer had her tv show in solar while others are deluge with rich new clients. Its pure business.

      • Pero teka, granting na di pro bono ung legal services ng mga abugado ni Corona, kung me bayad man, nagbigay kaya sila ng discount na 3million pesos? Grabe ka. Ayaw mo gumising sa katotohanan. Millions of pesos, DISCOUNT? Or wala ka alam sa negosyo???

      • You compare free legal assistance extended to the Chief Justice who was under siege by Executive & Congress to police corruption?

    16. He doesnt think people are stupid he knows they are. He knows the corrupt system as he is a big part of it. Lets see if this man goes to jail over this, if not it shows that corruption is still so rife in this country & others at the top are happy to let it go on, which also means they have their ways where they are also corrupt. If you think there is a single senatore who isnt in one form or another corrupt You must be blind & stupid. Its so easy to catch each & every one of them, by lifestyle checks. See what they have, dont just blindly believe their saln as we know all will try to fool everyone with their fraudulent way of filling it in. You see if they get caught out lying in their saln the law allows them to amend it. Its the law made by these people & made to help them out should they get caught.
      Just like the bank secrecy law, its not there to protect the integrity of the banks its there for one reason only, to protect & hide ill gotten money.

    17. The price of 4500000 pesos that your president paid for his Porches makes sense since a 2013 careers coupe s extra clean is about 86000$ which is around 3500000 pesos. It is definitely not worth 375000$ or 15000000 pesos as your writer wrote.

      • Ira Panganiban on

        You gotta know the tax system here in PH before you say that. German cars are taxed 150% all inclusive here so an US$86000 car in the US will be worth $258000 here or roughly Php11,610,000. Add opex, other expenses and profit margin and the tgrue price is really Php15,000,000. So why don’t you study first before making comments. Thank you.

    18. Read this column and weep. It underscores the height of cynicism and the depth of credulity to which BS Aquino and his chief peace and order henchman, General Purisima, have consigned the Filipino people. On BS Aquino, the seemingly deathless encouragement of the idea of his running for reelection in 2016 has shown he has not outgrown his childeshness: he continues to toy with the people’s emotion by fanning the possibility of a second term. He is doing this not because he wants to avoid being labelled a lame-duck president. That is nothing to him. He was and is a reluctant president anyway. He does not know how to manage, much less govern. Like a child that he still is, he merely likes toying with the idea to find satisfaction in the diverse reactions of the populace. If he is not the president of a nation, indeed this would have been comic. As to General Purisima, with the uncritical support extended him by the president, he now feels emboldened to say whatever explanations he can think of regardless of how inane they are. In the end, both are really stupidly child-like and we can only hope their actions will have no tragic consequences to the nation.

    19. Mariano Garapon on

      Not defending Pnoy, but Purisima’s Prado was brand new while Pnoy’s Porsche was third hand.

    20. In this era of the mischievous one PNoy, the law is only for the oppositionists and those who does not agree to his mischief, not to his allies. This scenario is even worse that the Gloria Arroyo administration whom PNoy likes to blame, ridicule, castigate and continue to hate.

    21. He should have rated himself a 10 for lying. He thinks the people are so stupid to believe whatever he says. So pathetic

    22. Purisima said he extorted P2.5 million from a car dealer. Don’t you think that signals it is okay for all police to use extortion? Put him in jail and throw away the key.

    23. Ah, hindi nga maluho si Purisima…ah, yan pala ang tawag sa di maluho, di nagnakaw, nagbayad ng sariling pera…ahhhhh! Ganon – lokohin ninyo ag lelong ninyong panot! Kayo kayo ang maglokohan, mga ganid! Mga hayok!

    24. We are only talking about properties of the good Geneal.
      I’m waiting for the bank accounts. What school his children studied?
      Family trips abroad. I’m sure his salary would not be enough to support his lifestyle.
      It is not possible to ride in those cars going to public school.

    25. This will never happen in the Philippines during Pinoy’s term if you are among his KKK in government and a member of the Liberal Party:

      After more than seven years, former Republican Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham of San Diego, California, USA, was finally released from Federal custody.

      He was a highly decorated United States Navy pilots in the Vietnam War having received the Navy Cross and the Silver Start and other Air Medals and the Purple Heart for wounds he received under enemy fire. He was also one of the most powerful congressmen then.

      In 2005 he was sentenced to serve eight years in Federal penitentiary for having received $2.4 million worth of mansions, cars, boats and travel and other gratuities from defense contractors.

      Under Philippine laws, Cunningham’s crime can qualify as “Indirect Bribery” under Article 211 of the Revised Penal Code which penalizes any public officer who shall accept gifts offered to him by reason of his office.

      Not in the Philippines under Pinoy for his KKK and allies!

    26. I agree with Guadalupe’s suggestion of not paying taxes for the time being to let our elected officials know that their positions are a sacred trust. Doing this though requires the cooperation of our employers. For the “555 ENDO” employees at present, another drastic measure must be done by Congress to end this practice.
      Sometimes, I do wonder though, if our values of perseverance and endurance to any suffering and our primary concern for our family’s welfare are the same values that prevent us from voicing out/reforming wrong habits, attitudes and practices. Cultural transformation is really necessary to sustain good governance.

      • Korek ka dyan. This “555 ENDO” must, (not should), be STOPPED. This is a clear violation of existing labor laws.

    27. I wonder if there is any country in the world where the daily major issues in their newspapers and other media can beat our country in publishing frequency major stories on corrupt officials. I think there is none. So then, I also wonder if our country has the free-st press in the world or 99.9% of government officials are crooks or both.

      No wonder there is a looming power crisis and rolling brownouts! Damn.

    28. Dapat ipatawag sa Senado ang Car Dealer upang malaman ng bayan kung nagsasabi ng totoo si PNP Chief Alan Purisima.

    29. Matthew Parkes on

      The reality is that Purisima knows he is more likely to get a presidential pardon followed by a hocus PCOS-created seat in the Senate than he is likely to be prosecuted.

      All of those years he spend providing Aquino with an armed child-mining service means he has all the dirt he needs to twist Aquino’s arm to continue protecting him… or otherwise he will let people know the truth about Aquino.

      After all, it’s no accident that Aquino remains a bachelor….

    30. He will never be convicted as long as P noy is the President.Pnoy is not corrupt but
      people around him are.

      • Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

        there is a law against public officials receiving donations and gifts.
        There is a law against giving gifts and donations to public officials.
        People in the government should know this.
        The President should know this.

    31. The name itself ” PURISIMA” which means “very pure and sinless”. hope he reads his bible everyday that telling a lie is a very serious SIN. Let him tell more lies for the people to believe that he is Purisima.

    32. Bobski Natividad on

      I have been wondering, in the old days the Police organization have been identified as crooks or syndicates. Now that they are PNP they have become more aggresive, is there no cure for this?

    33. Naniniwala ako Kay purisima na mura lang ang pagkabili niya! Buti nga binayaran pa!
      Ikaw na ang maging General ng PNP!! Gaano ang balik niyan doon sa nagbigay,kung ako baka libre lang itong ibibigay ko! Ikaw na ang maging General!!
      Baka nga mga karnap yan at pinalitan lang ng bagong ID!!
      Magpakatotoo tayo,ang tao kapag-nasa kapangyarihan marami ang kaibigan–
      Sa ayaw mo man o gusto marami ang gagamit sa iyo!
      Sisiw lang ang yaman ni purisima kung ikukumpara sa mga mambabatas at yellow at kkk ni Aquino!
      Maganda panagutin ang nagkasala kaya lang tinutulungan ninyo sina Aquino at Lp abad at roxas na mailayo sa DAP!

    34. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      If, despite all the revelations regarding Purisima’s undeclared acquired properties, he doesn’t land in jail, I won’t be surprised if there will be a movement not to pay taxes to the government. It’s quite obvious this administration doesn’t really mean business; ALLl MOUTH, NO ACTION. Yet, this sitting president has the audacity to claim successes.

    35. A public official/servant should never lie while serving the Government and the country. The rule of law should be enforced and respected. Violators of the law must be reprimanded and prosecuted. If proven guilty beyond reasonable, they should go to jail to the full extent of the law. Judges and justices should remain apolitical and must exercise to execute and render decisions based on their knowledge and embodiment of the law. To give decisions, there must be NO DURESS coming from any influential/political figures and judicial people must stand their grounds and stick out their necks serving the country in good faith. Get rid of the old ways of governance and reform so the country can move forward economically and militarily. Die in honor and dignity serving the country and forget being too materialistic because it wouldn’t bring you anywhere but hell.

    36. i suppose purisima made his money while he was an intelligence officer at the psg (presidential security group). as far as i know, intelligence funds are not audited for the simple reason that for one to extract information from informants, payment is handed in cash only. i cannot fathom purisima’s explanation that his house was completed piece by piece using his own money and his wife’s. i mean, how much was an officer in the philippine constabulary making during those years? not much. the money came and still comes to him dirty. no other way around it.

    37. It’s obvious our leaders have no moral upbringing whatsoever. They occupy offices they don’t deserve and stay there just to milk govt coffers. Drastic actions require drastic reactions. What if we don’t pay taxes anymore so those professional brigands wouldn’t have any money to steal.

      Tingnan natin kung saan pupulutin those professional looters if there is no money to steal anymore. Why don’t we just try this strategy. And let the likes of the Abnoy, Abad, Purisima, Soliman, etc……know the extent of our rage.

      • Civil disobedience ba? Anyway, let’s see if we can go from where the Lipa and Cebu declaration of the National Transformation Group is leading us by supporting them as a hope and probably a game changer for a nation that has been fucked by our politicians a long long time ago since the time of Pres Manuel L. Quezon.

      • mahirap gawin yang ‘no payment of taxes’. ginawa na yan nuong panahon ni makoy pero walang nangyari. kailangan sa kampanyang ito ang pagsama ng mga negosyante para ito ay maging successful. sila ang nagbabawas ng tax sa sweldo ng mga empleyado at sila ang nag re-remit ng mga taxes sa gobierno. pag hindi nila ito ginawa ay mahahabla sila ng bir. ang tanong dito ay makikisama ba ang mga negosyante?? kung sasama sila ay magiging successful ang kampanyang ito.

    38. Hey Tiglao, Kailan mo babangitin ang mga katiwalian ng mga BINAYS. Bakit tahimik pagdating sa mga BINAYS. Magkano ba ang iBINAYad sa iyo? Akala mo sino kang magaling mag-criticize pero dada ka lang ng dada wala ka namang ginagawa COMMENTS sa mga BINAYS. Maging OBJECTIVE ka naman. Gusto mo labanan tayo ng IQ?

    39. daniel marahomsar on

      Purisima thinks that all Filipinos are stupid and dumb or perhaps afraid of him because of his position as PNP Chief…if he was like Pinoccio his nose would reached
      the table of Grace Poe…hopeless Philippines!