‘Push BBL, we push impeach’


The minority bloc in the House of Representatives has warned allies of President Aquino 3rd that they would court impeachment moves if the House leadership proceeded with deliberations on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) despite their opposition.

Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora of San Juan City (Metro Manila) made the warning in light of the determined stance of House ad hoc panel to calendar the BBL for discussions during session break from April 6 to 16.

Zamora and 51 other lawmakers are pushing for continued suspension of the BBL hearings since the House is yet set to reopen its investigation of the Mamasapano incident.

“We are not discussing impeachment right now. But if the majority bloc makes the wrong move on our petition [to suspend the BBL hearings pending resumption of the Mamasapano probe], that [impeachment]could gain votes,” Zamora said in a news conference.

“They have to remember that majority of those who want the BBL hearings suspended are from the majority bloc. This is not a threat but a statement of fact,” he added.

Zamora, however, clarified that those opposed to resumption of the BBL hearings are not holding the BBL hostage with their stance.

“We only have 19 members in the minority bloc. Most of the 120 who signed are from the majority bloc. How can we hold it hostage when we comprise less than 10 percent of the House?” he pointed out.

But despite the opposition lawmakers’ firm stand, the 98-strong House ad hoc committee can proceed with the BBL deliberations as scheduled since it would only need 15 lawmakers present to transact business.

Faced with such predicament, Zamora could only warn that the BBL backers cannot expect to gather support for the measure if the House ad hoc panel on the BBL headed by Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez will just ram the proposed measure through the lawmakers’ throats.

“If they are going to proceed with it despite our petition, they should be prepared to lose when the BBL is put to a vote,” he said.


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  1. The likelihood of Aquino III being impeached when he has less than 1 and1/2 left on his term is improbable .After April 2015 there is only 1 year left of that 6 year term. Those who want the Pnoy to resign are mostly pretenders who will plunder the Ph treasury if they are allowed to take over. It ain’t gonna happen.

  2. To the lawmakers: just think about the future of this country and the next generations to come. We are not fully against this BBL. Any peace agreement must ensure the sovereignty and integrity of this country. This is not just about appeasing one person. The future of this country far exceeds the importance of one man or the fortunes that he can offer you.

  3. vagoneto rieles on

    There is no point to having President Aquino step down now..for three reasons. 1)The process would be attended by acrimonious debates and unruly demonstrations which could serve only to unsettle and divide the country; 2) The alternative to his ‘abdicating’ could only be Binay or the Military; neither of which is agreeable. 3) His term expires in less than 14 months, and there is hope that a more enlightened President would take over..smoothly. If punishment is the object of the call for the President’s ‘dismissal’; this might be less appropriate than, say, legal action after his term is served out. Furthermore, the reprieve could allow him to rethink his haughty and imperious ways; to be more mindful of the Constitution and the Filipino people; and, to dismantle his creation.. the BBL.. himself.He should be given a shot at redemption.

  4. BBL will create more problem but then Belmonte and Drilon are both proffesional crook and they want to rush the BBL approval because P-NOY promise them somethings,mga walang delicadeza.

    • One big problem with BBL is that 62 % of the people who will be most affected are against this law. These are the people in Mindadanao (Christians and Muslims) who knows first hand how it will make their life difficult dealing with MILF police who are not professionally trained.

  5. Belmonte does not realize how big this is. Rushing the BBL to get it passed must wait. If all of the truth does not get out about the massacre before the BBL is considered, it will be seen as hiding the truth. This is all about what the people what. It is not about what a political party wants. Do not defy the people.

  6. peter divinagracia on

    Majority of the Ilonggos are opposed to this BBL non sense. We are also wondering why is it that the Malaysian government is helping the BBL law authorship and the bomb makers are Malaysian nationals? How can we turn a blind eye to a very obvious collaboration between Moros and Malaysian government. We should stop our diplomatic relations with these terrorists.