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    KEYNOTE words of the year 2016: bomb scare, security forces, refugees, deaths, Aleppo, Mosul, EJK, protest rallies, drugs, denial, corruption, suicide bomber, LGBT, terrorism, sanctions, Twitter, Facebook, extremists, radicalized, Duterte, curse, addicts, netizen, WikiLeaks, Trump, Clinton, polar vortex.


    Too many do’s and don’ts in newswriting as prescribed by news executives may dangerously evolve into a style we mediamen abhor in a news organization–fiction.


    News: Snow falls in Sahara for first time in 37 years. Change is here.


    To Palace Communication Office: Unpredictability and uncertainty are twins. One cannot be without the other.


    “Speculation: the activity of guessing possible answers to a question without having enough information to be certain.”

    This is when a news report suffers as it becomes opinionated. Allowing this to happen unchecked is the time that a network’s editorial credibility suffers.


    No, it’s not true that the new US ambassador sent our President a truckload of Listerine as a Christmas gift.


    If there’s fake news, is there such a thing as genuine news? If there is a blind item, is there a deaf or mute item? Sorry, my bed is built to wake me up on the wrong side.


    I hope that someone close to PRRD will alert him that his speeches are mired in unfinished sentences and untranscribable mumblings that effectively dilutes what he is trying to say. Someone who has the courage to tell him straight. Hope against hope.


    Midweek Top Hits:
    Operation Tokhang: “I’m Gonna Knock on Your Door” – Eddie Hodges
    Gordon and Ping to De Lima and Trillanes: “Lies” – Teddy Randazzo
    Dayan To De Lima: “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” – Righteous Brothers
    Vicky Bello: “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” – Frank Sinatra
    PNP on Drug Lords and Pushers: “Another One Bites The Dust” – Queen
    De Lima to Kerwin Espinosa: “The First Time Ever I saw Your Face”
    Millennium Challenge Corporation: “American Pie”- Don McLean
    Trump to Duterte: “Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green
    Motorists on EDSA traffic: “Nowhere Man” – The Beatles


    Rumor: Trump to change the name of Trump University to Electoral College. Not to be outdone, Hillary is planning to open a Popular University in New York.


    China returned underwater drone to US. After a successful cloning process of course.


    A lot of my “highly spirited” friends usually ask me what is the difference between Blended Scotch Whisky and Single Malt Whisky.

    According to the ever-reliable Mr. Google:

    Blended Scotch whisky includes malt whiskies from more than one distillery in Scotland, along with grain whisky that can be made from any cereal grain.The term “single malt” refers to whisky made at a single distillery using 100 percent malted barley. Of course, a “single malt” whisky can be made anywhere, as long as it meets that standard.

    Single malts are the product of a single distillery, with malted barley as the only grain ingredient, whereas a blended Scotch whisky is the result of different single malt and grain whiskies blended together to create an exceptionally well-rounded flavor. The blending process is carried out in a hand-selected oak casks,which is an important part of developing the spirit’s depth of character.

    The single malts possess a fruity softness with a bit more of a dry finish, whereas a blended Scotch whisky, possesses a more lingering finish.

    When it comes to the serving of both whiskies, blended whiskey tends to be a lot more versatile. While you can enjoy it on its own you can also serve it with ice or a mixer. When looking at any cocktail list you will undoubtedly see blended whiskey incorporated in a few drinks.

    On the other hand, when enjoying a single malt, you should simply drink it is as it is, i.e. neat. If you team it with ice you will suppress the aromas and flavors, thus this is not advised.

    A piece of advice: drink only when you’re sober.
    Driver: Sir, why do they want President Digong to take a medical exam? Isn’t he a lawyer already? Do they want him to be a doctor as well?
    Me: (I stared at him blankly, took a deep breath and looked away.) Sigh…
    While the epistemic democrats say that the aim of democracy is to “track the truth,” I cannot say the same for postings in social networks because there are most likely the biasing features of the educated group… which do more harm than education does good.
    One of racial ambiguities: If it’s inappropriatefor Americans to eat Pad Thai, that means that one can ban the Thais from eating barbecue and burgers.
    Duterte told on foreign policy: Be friend to all, subservient to none.
    Duterte’s foreign policy: Be friendly with China and Russia, not subservient to the US and the UN.Truly poles apart.
    Pet Peeves II:
    =- living room sofaswith plastic covers
    – unwashed cars
    – clutter around the house (making it look like a curio shop) to boast that the owners have travelled extensively
    – speed limits on EDSA (duh)
    – faces of politicians on tarps
    – handyman with no tools
    – drunk and out-of-tune Japanese karaoke singers
    – salesclerks handing brochures blocking your way in malls
    – bikers squeezing their way between cars
    – offline ATM machines
    Music, art, pulpits, celluloid and sports should not be diluted with politics. Leave them alone. They are the few things left that bind us together without borders.
    If success is elusive, please try this recipe:
    “Keep trying to fail better.”- Lionel Shriver
    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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