Putin hopes for constructive dialogue with new UN secretary general


MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out in favor of enhancing the UN’s role in resolving conflicts expressing the hope that the dialogue with the new UN secretary general will be constructive.

“Russia as one of the founders of the UN has always been committed to strengthening its leading central role in international affairs and its greater role in resolving conflicts and in the struggle for human rights,” Putin said at a meeting with newly-elected UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, on Thursday.

“Being constantly in touch with your predecessor who is to hand over powers to you in January, we hope that we will be able to establish a constructive dialogue with you as well,” the Russian president said.

For his part, Guterres emphasized that he is fully aware of Russia’s crucial role not only within the UN but also in all other aspects of international relations. He pointed to the importance of having constructive, good, dialogue-based relations with a country like Russia. PNA/TASS


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