• Putin’s nuke speech clarified


    Dear Editor:

    YOUR esteemed newspaper published a news article by Agence France Presse “Putin says Russia beefing up nuke arsenal.”

    The AFP quotes the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin as saying at a ceremony opening ARMY-2015 International Military-Technical Forum where he mentioned the deployment of new continental anti-ballistic missiles.

    It is deeply regrettable that the AFP has not looked into the matter more carefully and has not referred to the translation of Mr. Putin’s speech provided by the Office of the Russian President. It is available online in Russian and in English at www.kremlin.ru and www.en.kremlin.ru and everybody can check it.

    I attach herewith a transcript of the said speech and would like to give the exact words said by the President:

    “…this year we will supply more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles to our nuclear force. They will be capable of overcoming any most technically advanced anti-missile defence systems.”

    It means that the new missiles would replace the older ones to modernize the capabilities of the Russian military. It is not the “increase” that is mentioned in the article.

    Misquoting President as saying that the Russian arsenal would be “beefed up” is a deliberate falsification which is consequently used as a basis for ramping up groundless anti-Russian rhetoric. This is a classic example of propaganda war unleashed unto Russia by the Western media.

    Keeping the Armed Forces up-to-date is a legitimate right of any nation and it has been done by many countries including the USA. Russian actions in this respect are in full compliance with the existing relevant arms control regimes. Genuine concern about the security and defense of one’s Motherland has nothing to do with saber-rattling. The Russian leadership is guided by the good of the country.

    The actions of Moscow are not more than a reaction to the actions of the NATO countries and unilateral steps taken earlier by the United States. First and foremost it were the Americans who started to shake the system of global stability in 2001 by their unilateral withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Now, this is aggravated by the accelerated and totally unrestricted build-up of the global missile defense system by the United States, its unwillingness to free the territory of other States from the U.S. tactical nuclear arsenal deployed there, the development of the provocative “Prompt Global Strike” strategy and the exaggerated build-up of conventional armaments, including their offensive component.

    Previously the build-up of the anti-missile defense system has been clumsily justified by the mythical threats from Iran and North Korea. Russia warned many times that it would have to face such challenges. It’s no wonder that it reacted to them after all.

    As for the usual anti-Russian groundless accusation in the context of Ukraine crisis mentioned in the article, I would not comment on them here because I have shared my views on the situation in that country before

    I hope this letter could be published in your respectful Newspaper. The Embassy of the Russian Federation is open to contacts and partnership with you and will be ready to assist in any matters with regards to objective and truthful coverage of the Russian foreign policy.

    Ilya E. Perenkov,
    Press Attaché


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