Puyat Steel hits unfair entry of China steel


The Philippines remains one of the few Asean countries that allow the entry of subsidized and substandard Chinese steel roofing products to compete with local manufacturers, a pioneer in the local steel industry, Puyat Steel Corp., complained on Thursday.

Enrique Chuidian, general manager of Puyat Steel Corp., said the Philippines continues to allow the import of steel roofing materials from China, robbing local manufacturers of their share of the market and letting consumers buy low-cost products of poor quality.

“The Philippine government allows Chinese steel roofing products to compete unfairly in the local market while other countries in the region have put in place safeguards and protective duties against these exports to protect their respective local steel industries,” Chuidian said in a statement.

Thailand started imposing on August 11, 2011 an anti-dumping duty of 30.91 percent on Chinese hot rolled coils, pickled coils, and hot-rolled plates; Indonesia has put in place since March 19, 2013 an anti-dumping duty of 7.0-55.6 percent; and Vietnam imposed on January 24 this year a provisional anti-dumping duty of 6.45-30.75 percent on stainless cold rolled products.

Malaysia requires a ‘Certificate of No Objection’ from its local steel industry before any import of steel roofing materials from China is allowed into the country, while
Thailand started imposing on February 6 this year a final anti-dumping duty of 4.22-20.11 percent on cold rolled coil sheets from China. The duty is effective for five years.

Puyat Steel Corp., the country’s pioneer steel roof manufacturer and market leader in GI and pre-painted steel roofing products, filed with the Department of Trade and Industry about a year ago a safeguard duty petition, which is still being processed.

“China’s continued dumping of subsidized and substandard steel products has flooded the market with below-standard quality products that attract consumers due to their low price,” Chuidian said.

Tests conducted by the Metal industry Research and Development Council (MIRDC) show that galvanized coatings for some Chinese products fail to reach even just half the level required by the Philippine National Standards (PNS) for steel roofings. The products tend to rust in less than two years, according to the test results.


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