PVB continues to serve Filipino war veterans


Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) recently reaffirmed its partnership with Filipino war veterans, as the board of trustees of the Veterans of World War II (BTVWWII), an organization of Filipino war veterans and their families, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Roberto de Ocampo, OBE, former finance secretary and an experienced banker who recently assumed the chairmanship in PVB, was the guest of honor and the keynote speaker at the event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the BTVWWII.

“This celebration inspires us to continue to remember the sacrifices and hardships that Filipino war veterans have done for the country. Having said this, we must reinforce that commitment in bringing the necessary needs of our members and their families to the forefront and compliment their heroism by providing products and services that matter,” he said.

“In doing so, we will continue to establish a solid reputation for growth and build the bank into a truly lasting legacy to the nation and succeeding generations while ensuring a reasonable return on our shareholders’ investments for their benefit and welfare,” de Ocampo added.

As part of PVB’s charter, 20 percent of its yearly income goes directly to the organization for the funding of the out-patient center services for the veterans and their families, and the maintenance of the BTVWWII Museum, the only museum in the country dedicated to Philippine World War II history.

Philippine Veterans Bank is a private medium-sized commercial bank owned by some 400,000 Filipino World War II veterans and their families. The bank caters to both corporate and retail financial markets, and is also an authorized government depository.


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