• QC adopts govt learning program for inmates


    The Quezon City government will adopt the Alternative Learning System (ALS), a Department of Education (DepEd) program, in the city’s jail’s male and female dormitories.

    Mayor Herbert Bautista has approved an ordinance authored by Councilor Aly Medalla of District 5 for the adoption of the ALS in the Quezon City Jail (QCJ).

    Under the ordinance, the QC government shall ensure that QCJ inmates and detainees are given access to adequate and sufficient education through the DepEd’s ALS program to prevent recidivism.

    The Alternative Learning System refers to a parallel learning system that serves as a viable alternative to the existing formal education.

    Recent research on prison education programs presents discouraging statistics on the current recidivism rate or the rate of the habitual relapse into crime.

    In 2001, the US Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) reported that nearly 7 in ten people who were formerly imprisoned will commit a new crime and half will end up back in prison within 3 years.

    According to studies by the IHEP in 2005, the best way to reduce the instances of recidivism is through education during imprisonment.

    In Quezon City, jail management officials also believe that education through the ALS program will help prevent detainees from returning to a life of crime when they are released.

    The implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for the ALS ordinance shall be issued by the OCJ in coordination with the Division of City Schools.

    For the implementation of the QCJ-ALS program, the QC city schools’ division is authorized to conduct inspections of detention facilities to ensure that adequate facilities are made available for the program.


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    1. Vicente Mariano on

      What is really needed is to have a rehabilitation plan/program for the inmates and detainees. Even if they have a shot at more education, if they cannot be hired for work due to their record, what is the use of the additional education??? An employment program to tie up with the education program may be a good start!