QC bans Pokemon GO lure spots near schools


The Quezon City Council has passed a resolution prohibiting the placing of lure spots for the popular game Pokemon GO near government offices, schools and places of worship within the city.

Resolution 7128-2017, introduced by Councilor Allan Butch T. Francisco, urges Pokemon GO developer, Niantic Inc., to exclude the vicinities of government offices, schools and places of worship from being lure spots. Pokemon players deploy lures in designated Pokemon stops to attract virtual pokemon monsters. The council said placing lure spots near schools or government offices may distract students and affect the productivity of employees.

The ordinance cited “Pokemon Zombie” incidents wherein players and spectators have been injured.
Pokemon GO is an augmented reality gaming app based on the popular Pokemon game and television series. It uses GPS and Google Maps to place virtual Pokemon characters in locations ranging from train stations, interesting architecture, malls and other landmarks.


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