Quezon City barangay (villages) along the West Valley Fault and neighboring communities took part in an Earthquake Landslide Search and Rescue Orientation Course organized by the Quezon City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. Seventy-three barangay officials have completed the 32-hour training course. The training aimed to equip the officials on hazard and disaster management; search and rescue operations, particularly in collapsed structures, and extrication and care of victims. Participants were given simulations on rescue operation exercises, such as lifting and moving techniques and victim extrication and stabilization. “Our main objective is to teach the barangay officials how to properly respond during calamities, especially when earthquakes strike. There are a lot of structures that could collapse and having at least basic knowledge to lift the slabs will be of big help to manage the injury of the victim,” Administrative and Training Section chief Maria Cinderella Garcia said. The program is a “big help for us, especially that our barangay is one of the neighbors of those sitting on the West Valley Fault. For sure, we will be affected by ‘The Big One’ or if not so, we can still help other affected villages,” Barangay Escopa I chairman Marvin Morales said. The villages sitting on the West Valley Fault are Bagong Silangan, Batasan Hills, Bagumbayan, Blue Ridge B, Libis, Old Balara, Pansol, Ugong Norte and White Plains.


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