QC buries dozens of cadavers


Almost 200 unidentified bodies discovered in a funeral parlor in Quezon City were buried in a mass grave at the Novaliches Public Cemetery Wednesday.

The cadavers were recovered from the Henry Memorial Services, which was ordered padlocked by the Quezon City Health Department.

City health officer Verdades Linga said the bodies could no longer be identified because they have been mangled. Some of the cadavers were believed to have been in the funeral parlor’s stockpile for almost six years.

Personnel of the city health department conducted a surprise inspection Tuesday after Mayor Herbert Bautista received a text message complaining about the unacceptable odor coming from the said funeral service.

The funeral service was slapped with a cease and desist order on Sept. 23, 2016 after it continued to operate and receive bodies from other funeral parlors despite the lack of a permit.

Garry Domingo, chief of the Business Permits and Licensing Office, said the funeral service secured its first permit in 1997 and had not renewed it since.

Authorities are trying to locate Oscar Parales, the owner of the funeral service, and its manager, Severino Mancia.

The city health office will hold a follow up investigation today to find out if the funeral parlor is holding more cadavers. ANGELICA BALLESTEROS


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