Quezon City (QC) councilors especially those holding high position in the city council are now tagged as bullies by some city government employees who decried alleged moves to oust them from their posts.

    The said employees claimed that the reported bullying started when some of them withheld payment to the councilors’ contracted suppliers by virtue of government procurement procedures.

    Sources privy to the conflict said QC Mayor Herbert Bautista’s administrator Aldrin Cuna had already stepped into the fiasco and even “replaced “uncooperative employees” upon some councilors’ request.

    The employees on the other hand, resorted to launching a “text brigade” denouncing Cuna and the councilors’ alliance in the issue.

    “Autokratikong pamamahala sa konseho ng Lungsod Quezon, tutulan! Pagkagahaman sa kapangyarihan, labanan [Oppose the autocratic governance in the QC Council! Fight the greed for power]!” the text message read.

    The said text message was sent to The Manila Times by one of the employees group calling themselves the Sandigan Brigade (SB).

    A council insider revealed that the conflict began when the Commission on Audit (COA) fielded a much stricter auditor to the city, prompting city government executives to formulate guidelines for procurements, expenditures and payables.

    The guidelines allegedly resulted in a much stricter scrutiny of vouchers and supporting documents.

    This prompted the councilors to ask Bautista and Cuna to act on their request to speed up the process for the disbursement of funds.

    “Because they (suppliers and contractors) are the life blood of all the office of the councilors. Naga-advance na sila ng mga commissions sa mga konsehal [They have been advancing commissions to councilors], short of local PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund). So nagagalit sila kapag matagal ang balik ng pera at ng kita nila [So they are angered when their profits are delayed],” the insider explained.

    QC Councilor Jesus Suntay, however, disputed the allegations. He said, “‘Di totoo yan [That’s not true]. The council has been adhering to COA rules. Processing of papers at times takes a long time dahil minsan iniipit and papel [because the processing of papers are being hindered]. . . [The] budget of the council [is]used for the constituency. ‘Pag hindi lumabas [If it is not released] the one who suffers are the constituents who [rely]on the projects of the councilors for upliftment.”

    Suntay added that the budget cuts on the General Services Office was done as the department head failed to attend the budget hearing four times.

    Luckily, the insider added, a much “liberal” one has replaced the auditor assigned to the city government.


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