QC dad hits ‘illegal’ slaughterhouse


DESPIT numerous reports of violations, a slaughterhouse inside the Mega Q-Mart Plaza in Cubao, Quezon City continues to operate, raising suspicions that it is being protected by cityhall officials.

On Friday, Councilor Jaime Borres of District IV said Maytan Estate Company,    the owner and maintainer of the “illegal” facility, has defied local laws against having slaughterhouses inside public markets.

Borres, who once served as Barangay chairman of E. Rodriguez that has jurisdiction over the former Nepa-Q Mart, said the slaughterhouse owned by a certain Alvin Tan should not be operating inside a wet market.

He cited Presidential Decree, which 856 states that the site should be at least 200 meters away from residential areas, schools, churches, funeral establishments, courts of public offices and places of public assembly.

It also includes a provision that requires slaughterhouses to be located 25 meters away from markets and other food establishments, requirements which Borres claimed were never met by the slaughterhouse maintainer.

“I am against the slaughterhouse inside Nepa Q Mart since it is illegal. I do not see any viable argument that will convince me that it is legal. If it was up to me I won’t allow the slaughterhouse to operate as diseases from the slaughtered animals may afflict the public,” Borres explained.

He added that the slaughterhouse is also located within the 200 meter radius of Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School , E. Rodriguez Elementary School and Carlos P. Garcia High School

The slaughterhouse is also within the area of CFB Market, Harvest Market and Luz Centeno Talipapa, Borres further said.

The almost one-hectare Mega-Q-Mart Plaza property previously owned by Nereo Paculdo was acquired by Maytan after the city government had the property auctioned in 2002.
Borres argued that the old franchise to operate a slaughterhouse had expired so that a new one must be secured.

“A franchise is only a privilege given by the city government and not a right of the owners to operate,” he stressed.

Jing Villamente


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