• QC enforces CCTV ordinance to deter crimes


    Quezon City will strictly enforce an ordinance requiring business establishments to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems to deter crimes. QC Business Permit and Licensing Office head Garry Domingo said crimes can be prevented when CCTV systems in business establishments are in place to help authorities detect criminal activity, as well as allow establishment owners to oversee and closely monitor their respective establishments. He pointed out that criminals who fear easy identification and detection will think twice before committing crimes in areas equipped with CCTV. Under the ordinance, surveillance cameras should have at least one dedicated channel per camera in operation, a 640×480 pixel resolution recording level, a recording speed of 15 frames per second, a time-stamping feature and sufficient memory to retain data for at least 30 days. Banks, malls, gasoline stations, supermarkets, pawnshops, money-changers, 24-hour convenience stores, schools, fast-food restaurants/quick service restaurants and car dealerships are among the business establishments covered by the mandatory installation of CCTV cameras. A fine not exceeding P3,000 shall be meted on any business establishment owner who violates provisions of the ordinance for first violation. Subsequent violations shall be punished by an additional fine of P5,000 and a ground for suspension or revocation of the business permit.


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