QC has P273-M unsettled cash advance


The Commission on Audit (COA) reported that Quezon City has unsettled cash advances already amounting to a quarter of a billion or P273.95 million, of which most were granted for the national and barangay elections in 2010.

State auditors disclosed in the report on Quezon City that the unliquidated cash advances the city has already summed up to P273.95 million.

Cash advances taken against the General Fund already reached P252.56 million, while P16.32 million in the Special Education Fund and P5.07 million in the Trust Fund.

A total of P70.07 million was left uncleared for less than a year. The remaining P203.88 million was not settled for the last five years.

“It was also noted that most of the unliquidated cash advances were granted in connection with the National and Local Elections in May 2010 and Barangay SK Elections in October 2010, various activities and seminars,” the report said.

COA added that “some elected officials” those from previous administrations had been granted cash advances which to date has not yet settled their obligations.

The Commission has been strict in urging government agencies to liquidate these advances since non-liquidation may hint sources of corruption.

Auditors asked the officials and employees settle immediately their dues, otherwise “the suspension of salaries of erring accountable officers shall be ordered by the auditor concerned.”

The Commission also told the city hall officials to stop granting cash advances to elected officials.

City hall officials commented that they already issued demand letters to the accountable officers with unliquidated cash advances. JOHN CONSTANTINE G. CORDON



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