• QC malls required to have clinics, ambulances


    The Quezon City Government is requiring every mall in the city to have a clinic with at least one ambulance manned by a medical team for emergencies.

    The city is now enforcing Ordinance  No. SP- 2281, S-2014 that mandates mall owners to put up an emergency corner where injured or ill patrons can get first aid treatment and if needed be taken to the nearest hospital for further medical attention.

    Councilor Jose Mario Don de Leon, the author of the ordinance, said numerous incidents of violence, like the “Martilyo Gang” incident, have caused stampedes, resulting in injury or death.

    The medical team shall at least be composed of one paramedic driver, a registered nurse, a trauma staff, one crew and a documenting clerk.

    The ambulance shall be equipped with basic equipment such as a stretcher, one oxygen tank, a blood pressure meter, a code blue kit, C-collar, and long and short board and splints.
    Future investors in malls in the city must comply with ordinance to get business permits.

    Jing Villamente


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